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File:   JN (pdf)
Adopted:   prior to 1969; September 20, 1976
Revised: date of manual adoption; August 27, 1992  



  1. Book Fees.  The Board of Education has determined to furnish free textbooks to school-age pupils enrolled in the public schools of the District.  
  2. Other Fees.  Physical education students and athletes are required to pay a rental charge for towels. Students may be assessed fees for use of specific equipment, such as District-owned music instruments, or as a condition of participation or attendance at a school-sponsored activity or program not within the academic portion of the educational program.  

    Other fees, such as class fees, library fees, assembly fees, or locker fees are borne by the operating budget of the School District.
  3. All fees shall be waived for indigent students.  For purposes of this policy and regulation, an indigent student is defined as any child who is eligible for a free or reduced-price lunch under the national income poverty guidelines.  A student or parent may request a waiver from the sponsoring teacher or school principal or designee.  

Fines and Charges

A student who causes undue wear or willful damage or loss of any school property is required to pay for it.

  1. Book Fines.  As permitted under state statutes, fines will be assessed for loss or misuse of classroom books.

    The determination of the amount of a fine, not to exceed actual replacement cost, shall be the responsibility of the building principal or designee.  The age, condition, and replacement cost of the book, as well as the circumstances of the loss or misuse shall be factors in determining the amount of the fine. 

    If a student withdraws from school and there is evidence of losses or misuses of School District books, the student shall be assessed replacement costs.  
  2. Media Materials Loss and Damage. In all elementary and secondary school media centers, personnel work with classroom teachers to maintain libraries of books and other media coordinated with the students' assignments and needs.  The student is responsible for the proper care and return of such materials.  In case of loss or misuse, the responsible student may be required to pay for the loss or damage.  

No fines may be assessed for disciplinary reasons.  

C.R.S. § 22-32-117 and 118
C.R.S. § 22-45-104

ECAB, Vandalism
EDBA, Maintenance and Control of Instructional Materials  
EFB, Free and Reduced-Price Food Services

End of File: JN