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Adopted: prior to 1969; September 20, 1976
Revised: date of manual adoption; August 27, 1992, November 28, 2023  


Students shall not be charged an instructional fee as a condition of enrollment in school or as a condition of attendance in any class that is considered part of the academic portion of the School District's educational program except tuition when allowed by law.

All student academic and course-related fees and charges shall be adopted by the Board pursuant to this Policy. Fees must be reasonable and used only for the approved purpose. Principals are responsible for assuring that all fees collected in the School are based on actual cost and within the Board authority. Teachers and principals are responsible for working to assure that no student is denied the right to participate in academic or enrichment activities because of lack of funds.


  1. Books.  The Board of Education has determined to furnish free textbooks to school-age pupils enrolled in the schools of the District.  
  2. Techology. Students may be asked to pay for the use of technology with fees spread across multiple years and intended to result in student acquisition of the device.
  3. Expendable Supplies. Sudents may be asked to pay for expendable suplies that they will use in the course of a class, including materials for project that are above the basic requirements for the course and are to be retained by the student.
  4. Field Trips/Travel: Students participating in activities that are not required by the teacher or used in the determination of a grade may be required to pay charges covering the cost of the activity. Such charges may include but are not limited to admission fees, food costs and transportation costs on activity trips.
  5. Rentals. Students may be asked to pay rental fees for the use of items such as choral robes, band uniforms and school-owned instruments.
  6. Certificate/Licensure Programs. For students earning professional certifications/license, the School District may assign students the certification/licensure fee.
  7. Optional. Students may be asked to pay miscellaneous fees and expenses as part of attending, participating in, or obtaining materials/clothing/ equipment used in a school-sponsored activity or program not within the academic portion of the educational program.

Other fees, such as class fees, library fees, assembly fees, or locker fees are borne by the operating budget of the School District.

Participation and Waiver

Parents/guardians shall be informed about fees, including whether fees are voluntary or mandatory, the specific activity to which the fee applies, and how to apply for a waiver of fees. All fees shall be waived for students in out-of-home placements and students who are eligible for meal benefits under federal or state standards. Any student/parent/guardian may request a waiver from the School Principal. Students qualifying for a fee waiver will receive it without embarrassment or public exposure of their need.

Fines and Charges

A student may be required to pay for their undue wear or willful damage to or loss of any school property, including but not limited to books, technology, and media materials.

The School Principal or designee is responsible for approving the amount of a fine, not to exceed actual replacement cost.

No fines may be assessed for disciplinary reasons.

No student shall have records needed for enrollment or a diploma, transcript or grades withheld due to unpaid fees or fines.

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JFABE, Students in Foster Care

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