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File:   JHD (pdf)
Adopted:    June 13, 1991


Only those persons holding relevant certificates or licenses, or facilities as defined by applicable law, which include the community Mental Health Center and its employees, may expose students to any psychological method or procedure involving diagnosis, assessment, or treatment of any emotional, behavioral, or mental disorder or disability.  Such methods or procedures may only be performed after acquiring written permission from a student's parent or guardian, or from the student him or herself in those circumstances in which federal or state law allows the student to obtain such services in confidence or without prior notice to the parent or guardian.  

In the case of crisis or trauma affecting multiple students at a school, or in the case of an emergency affecting an individual student, psychological support services may be offered to students in need without prior written permission.  However, efforts will be made to notify parents before meeting with students, unless the severity of the trauma or the numbers of students impacted make this impracticable.  If a student is not otherwise allowed by federal or state laws to obtain such services without parental consent, a student's parent or guardian may exclude the student from such services by advance written notice to the principal of the student's school.  The decision that a crisis or trauma exists will be determined by the principal or designee.  

Any member of the teaching staff who questions whether a planned activity is one involving psychiatric or psychological methods or procedures for which the member of the teaching staff may not be properly certified or licensed shall consult with the school principal. As used herein, the terms psychiatric or psychological method or procedure involving diagnosis, assessment, or treatment are intended to have their ordinary and customary meaning which refers to a recognized medical or therapeutic discipline practiced by licensed professionals or facilities.  These terms do not include ordinary classroom or counseling activities or teaching techniques.  

This policy does not apply to the factual and unbiased teaching about psychiatry as a medical science or psychology as a social science.  

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See also 20 U.S.C. 1232h and 34 C.F.R. Part 98  

IGBA, Programs for Students with Disabilities (Special Education)  
INB, Teaching About Controversial Issues  
JFJ, Student Submission to Surveys, Analyses, or Evaluations  
KE, Complaints and Concerns  
KEC, Public Complaints About Curriculum or Instruction
Comprehensive Plan for Special Education Services in the Boulder Valley School District  

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