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JS E-1

File: JS E-1 (pdf)
Adopted: May 26, 2020

Student Use of the Internet and Electronic Communications
(Annual Acceptable Use Agreement)

Recognizing that technology has an important role in education, business and the global economy, Boulder Valley School District incorporates a wide variety of technology resources as part of its educational programs. Students use technology to complete assignments, communicate with teachers, and learn digital citizenship skills. The School District has policies and expectations regarding the responsible use of technology, including for students. The School Board’s complete policies are available at:

The School District’s website lists vendors for contracted software and applications with whom it has a data privacy agreement and also lists all known on-demand providers, including applications and extensions. bvsd

The School District uses G Suite for Education with two categories of Google services:

1.     Core Services (e.g. Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Classroom, Meets)
2.     Additional Services (e.g. YouTube, Maps, Blogger)

When students are using Core Services, Google’s policies state that it does not collect personal information except to provide the services and does not allow advertising. When students are using Additional Services, Google’s policies state that information can be collected and used to provide the services and develop new ones. Google reports it does not use personal information to target ads, but ads may be shown in Additional Services. The School District uses ad-blocking technology when students are logged on through the School District’s servers. Detailed information about Google’s policies is available at:

At the elementary level, electronic communications (e-mail, blogging, and podcasting) are not made available to students unless requested by a teacher, connected to a specific curriculum unit, explicit parent/guardian and principal permission is acquired, and close supervision by adults is provided. At the secondary level, students are assigned email addresses and may have access to blogging and podcasting formats.

Though the School District has taken reasonable steps to block or filter inappropriate material, some potentially inappropriate content may get past BVSD filers and a user might be able to circumvent these filters for inappropriate use.

By signing this Acceptable Use Agreement, the student and parent or guardian confirm that they have read, understand, and will abide by the School District’s policies applicable to student use of technology. Misuse of technology resources may result in disciplinary action and loss of use privileges.

Select Consent

o    I consent to student’s responsible use of technology for educational purposes, including Google G Suite for Education Core Services and Additional Services.

o    I do not consent to student’s use of technology at school for educational purposes.

NOTE: Denying consent means that students will not be able to use school district technology to:

  • Perform word processing, build spreadsheets, create digital content, or present using technology
  • Perform research on the internet or engage in distance learning
  • Fulfill requirements in computer lab assignments
  • Conduct science experiments using computer-based simulations or probes
  • Engage in online collaborative projects
  • Store student work for retrieval at home
  • Access technology standards or curriculum, including digital citizenship

If the student does not have consent to use School District technology and resources, then the family and Principal will meet to discuss an alternative plan.


Student's Name (printed)                                               Date of Birth (day/mo/yr)


Student's Signature                                  Date                     

If the Student is under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must also sign this Agreement.


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