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File: KE (pdf)
Adopted:  June 11, 1987
Revised:  October 8, 2019


 The Board of Education strives to foster a constructive working relationship between Boulder Valley School District, its employees, students, parents and guardians by providing a fair, orderly, and timely process for handling concerns and complaints concerning the operation of the School District. This policy shall apply to all complaints except those concerning unlawful discrimination or harassment as addressed in Policy AC and those concerning Curriculum or Instruction as addressed in Policy KEC, or as otherwise addressed in any employment agreements. The Board has created multiple policies in order to implement various legal obligations and establish particular practices and procedures, but the complaint of any individual or group may only be considered by the School District through a single policy process.

It is the policy of the Board to provide for resolution at the level most directly involved first and in an informal manner if possible. Any complaint about school district personnel shall be reviewed at the level most directly involved with procedures for review up to the Board of Education, as follows:

1.     Teacher (if applicable)

2.     Building or department level personnel

3.     District administrator

4.     Superintendent

5.     Board of Education

Any complaint must be made within a reasonable period of time, usually the same school year that the incident or concern that is the subject of the complaint occurred. Any complaint filed outside of this timeline need not be considered.



KEC, Public Complaints About Curriculum or Instruction

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