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File:    KBBA-R (pdf)
Adopted:     November 13, 2013


The following procedures have been developed for situations involving court-ordered parental rights and responsibilities, including parenting time, decision-making and release of records:

  1. The enrollment records of the district will include information regarding the households at which the student resides.
  2. A student will not be denied admission to school on the basis of refusing the request for documentation of the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities.
  3. If a student's parents are divorced, legally separated or have other special arrangements with respect to parental rights and responsibilities, school personnel shall request a copy of any and all relevant court orders pertaining to the child, including restraining orders.
  4. The district will presume that both parents have equal rights and access to a child when that student is registered in school unless the district is provided with a currently effective Colorado court order indicating otherwise.
  5. If a school official is in doubt about the validity of a request or documentation presented, the official will contact the District’s Office of Legal Counsel.
  6. The official shall request positive identification of any individual making a request for release or visitation of a student. If a person making a request for release or visitation refuses to leave the school premises at the principal's request, the principal may contact the appropriate law enforcement agency.
  7. Contact from an attorney on behalf of a parent may be referred to the District’s Office of Legal Counsel.

End of File: KBBA-R