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File: KJA-R (pdf)


In order to ensure that the welfare and rights of the school community are adequately protected, the following procedures shall apply in the case of any distribution or posting of noncurricular material on or in school grounds and buildings:  


  1. Any group, organization, or individual not connected with the schools may distribute or post noncurricular material only with the prior approval of the Division of Instruction. The public schools are not a forum for expression by such persons and permission to distribute or post such materials may be denied without necessity of a showing of the potential for disruption or interference. Such decision may be appealed to the Superintendent as provided in this regulation. If material is approved by the Division of Instruction, distribution or posting at specific schools shall require compliance with the rest of this regulation. Parent-Teacher Organizations, Citizens Advisory Councils, the Boulder Valley Education Association, and School Improvement Teams are considered to be school-connected groups for purposes of this regulation.
  2. Any school-connected group, organization, individual, employee, or student (hereinafter referred to as "person") wishing to distribute or post any printed noncurricular material in any public school in the Boulder Valley School District shall submit the material to the building principal or designee for approval. The principal shall review the materials submitted pursuant to the guidelines set out in Policy KJA.  
  3. The principal must render a decision concerning the distribution or posting of any material submitted within two full school days of its submission. Any material which is not approved or disapproved within this period shall be deemed approved.  
  4. Upon any adverse decision rendered by the principal, a person shall have the right to appeal the decision to the Superintendent (or designee) for review. The Superintendent (or designee) shall render a decision within three school days and shall affirm the principal's decision only if it is supported by a substantial factual basis.  
  5. Within ten days after the Superintendent's action, any adverse decision may be appealed to the Board of Education for final consideration. The appealing party shall submit a written notice requesting a hearing before the Board of Education and the hearing shall be scheduled on the agenda of the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board.  
  6. After giving the aggrieved party an opportunity to be heard, the Board shall render a decision which shall be final.

End of File: KJA-R