Boulder Valley School District


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File: KEC (pdf)
Adopted:  June 11, 1987
Revised:  January 14, 2014


The Board recognizes the right of individuals and groups to present complaints or concerns directly related to the curriculum, instructional materials, instructional strategies, and educational activities in the schools. This policy provides a fair, orderly, and timely process for handling such complaints.

This policy is limited to complaints related to specific issues of curriculum, instructional materials, instructional strategies, and educational activities. Complaints on other matters are governed by Policy KE, Public Complaints. This policy is not to be used to supplant Board policies or procedures related to material selection and adoption.

The Board of Education relies on District employees to resolve concerns. It is the policy of the Board to provide for such resolution at the level most directly involved first and in an informal manner if possible. If such resolution cannot be accomplished procedures shall be made available for review at the highest administrative level with an opportunity for appeal to the Board of Education.



IJ, Learning Materials Selection and Adoption
KE, Public Complaints

End of File: KEC