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File: KH-R  (pdf)
Issued: May 24, 2005


Gifts to employ non-licensed regular or temporary personnel will be allowed following Policy KH. Gifts to employ licensed regular or temporary personnel will be allowed only for those purposes as specified in Policy KH.

  • All gifts to employ school staff shall follow Policy File KH with respect to amounts and authority of acceptance.
  • All outside funds received shall in no way dictate the direction of district programs, nor hamper the objective evaluation of district programs. When outside funds are used to provide, maintain, or enhance school programs, the district shall be under no obligation to continue the same level of programming in subsequent years or to support the programming if outside funds are discontinued or diminished.
  • Conversion of the School Resource Allocation to purchase regular and frequent staff must be approved by the level supervisors.
  • Expenses related to the hiring of staff from donated funds shall be separated from other general operating fund positions in conformity with Policy File: KBE-R: Relations with Parent Organizations.  
  • Funds supplied by a parent organization or fundraising effort shall be deposited into a revolving account under the school’s location code. All positions are limited to the expenditure of the deposited funds. All associated benefit expenses as defined by the district shall be covered by the donated funds.
  • All applicable employment laws and procedures for posting, interviewing and hiring shall be followed.
  • Supervision and evaluation of all staff hired from donated funds shall be under the direction of the principal.

Current practice codified.

C.R.S. & 22-44-101 through 116, Budget policies and procedures

KH, Public Gifts to the Schools and the School District
KHA, Solicitation of Gifts and Donations
GDA-R, Support Staff Positions
KBE-R, Relations with Parent Organizations

End of File: KH-R