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File: KFB-R (pdf)
Adopted: October 27, 1977  
Revised:  December 19, 2003; January 15, 2014, February 11, 2021


Child care programs with a nexus to instruction are operated by Boulder Valley School District’s Community Schools child care programs, which include school age care, preschool enrichment, and infant and toddler care.

The School District may permit the operation of enrichment programs during non-instructional periods.

Non-BVSD entities wishing to offer enrichment programs to students, families, staff, and adults in the Boulder Valley community through Boulder Valley School District must comply with the following:

  1. Applicants must submit a proposal to provide an enrichment program to Community Schools.
  2. Approved vendors generally operate in District facilities, but may also operate off-site depending on the nature of the program (e.g. horse riding or sailing lessons).
  3. Applicants with approved proposals must complete a background check according to District requirement and sign a contract for services with the Community School Lifelong Learning program before the application is considered approved by BVSD and before programs can begin. Contracts for services are renewed on a semester basis based on the vendor’s performance and programming needs.
  4. The School District reserves the right to refuse any proposal to operate, including but not limited to refusing use of a school building or District facility, when it is deemed by the Superintendent or designee to be in the best interest of the District to do so.
  5. The School District manages all scheduling, communication, and coordination of approved enrichment classes with school building administrators or facility designees.
  6. The School District may cancel or revoke any contract for services for non-BVSD entities to operate an enrichment class when it is in the best interest of the School District to do so.


End of File: KFB-R