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File: KI-R (pdf)
Adopted: May 14, 2014, March 30, 2016, January 30, 2017


Boulder Valley School District controls access into schools to ensure the overall safety of our students, staff and visitors. In an effort to establish accountability for all visitors (including district employees, contractors, volunteers, substitute teachers and parents/guardians) all schools are required to adhere to the following minimum standards:

1. All exterior perimeter doors shall be locked during the school day and at other times as designated by the Superintendent or designee. Visitor access is restricted to the main entrance only.

a. The district is working on installing Aiphone or buzz in systems in all preschool, elementary, middle and K-8 schools. Until they are fully deployed, main entrance procedures at schools will differ slightly:

i. Schools with the Aiphone or buzz in system are required to use them. These schools are permitted to unlock the main entrance doors 10 minutes prior to through 10 minutes following the first bell of the day. Thereafter, all doors will remain locked and visitors will use the Aiphone or buzz in system to gain access into the building through the main entrance.

ii. Schools without the Aiphone or buzz in system will be permitted to have the front doors unlocked 10 minutes prior to the start of school and remain unlocked during the school day. The main entrance shall be visually monitored at all times.


b. At high schools, all exterior doors shall remain locked until 30 minutes prior to the first bell and may remain unlocked until 30 minutes after the start of the school day. If the main entrance remains unlocked, it shall be visually monitored at all times.

c. There may be times, such as during high school lunch periods, when it is necessary for exterior doors to be unlocked. When this is the case, the door must be monitored by an adult standing at the door.

d. Propping exterior doors is prohibited at all times during the school day and at other times as designated by the Superintendent or designee.

e. Staff, students and visitors should be reminded throughout the school year not to open exterior doors for people trying to gain access into the building. Everyone must go through the proper procedure to gain access into the building at the main entrance.

2. All visitors, including district staff, substitutes and volunteers, must check in at the front desk. All visitors should be greeted by an employee, their identification verified; purpose for visit identified and be given a badge.

a. If the visitor is a parent or guardian, identification will be verified through Infinite Campus prior to admittance to the school.

b. School staff should verify the visitor’s purpose before granting access to the school.

c. School staff has some discretion in this process; if the staff member is familiar with the visitor, i.e., a regular volunteer or familiar parent, he or she may bypass checking identification and request that the visitor sign-in.

d. After checking in, visitors will be given an appropriate badge (visitor, substitute, volunteer) that must be worn at all times while on school property. Visitors should not be allowed to take badges themselves.

e. District employees working inside school buildings shall check in at the front office and follow sign-in procedures.

f. Upon exiting the building, visitors shall sign out and return their badges. Designated staff shall reconcile the visitor sign-out sheet at the end of the day to ensure all visitors have left the building.

g. Any school staff member who encounters a visitor without a visitor pass shall escort that visitor to the main office to sign in.

h. Visitor sign-in forms shall be retained at the school for one full year.

3. All adults (employees or visitors) must wear ID. District employees shall display BVSD identification at all times on district property.

a. While on school district property or attending school sponsored events, school district employees shall wear identification at all times. This applies to an employee’s home school or any other district property.

b. Appropriate forms of identification shall include the following:

i. District identification. New (2012) ID cards are blue and white and display the employee’s name, title, department and expiration date (three years from time of issue). Old cards (yellow) must be replaced immediately.

ii. School identification. School specific identification is acceptable as long as it displays the current school year.

c. IDs shall be visible at all times and shall not be worn under clothing. Exceptions will be made for trades that render displaying of ID on the outside of clothing dangerous. In such cases, the employee must still wear the ID  but may conceal it while working.

d. IDs for non-district partners in schools are addressed on a case-by-case basis.

4. Signs and Door Decals.

a. All schools shall display the standard BVSD visitor sign, “For the safety and security of our school, all visitors are required to check in at the school office upon arrival.” This sign is written in English and Spanish with a directional arrow pointing visitors to the main office and contains reference to applicable Board Policy and State Statute.

b. Window decals may be requested in place of, or to supplement, signs.

End of File: KI-R