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Revised: March 23, 1989, February 10, 2004, November 12, 2013, October 13, 2020


The Board of Education encourages parents and community members to participate in the BVSD community.

The District will strive to accommodate requests to visit the District’s schools, activities, and programs, yet also recognizes its primary concern is the welfare of students.

Therefore, the District limits visitors to:

  1. Parents/guardians of current students;
  2. Other family members of current students who are approved by the student’s parent/guardian; and
  3. Other persons invited by the District.

To preserve the educational process, visitors will receive authorization from the principal or designee before visiting school sites, activities, or programs.

All visitors to District facilities and sites shall report to the main administrative office upon their arrival, sign in and out, and receive a badge to wear during their stay at the school. Each school shall post a sign to this effect in a clearly visible location near entrances to the building. Visitors may be accompanied by a District employee for some or all of the visit.

Visitors who wish to access remote learning activities or programs shall have prior permission of the principal and shall identify themselves to the adult in the remote learning setting.

School administrators may approve additional procedures pertaining to school visitors to preserve a proper and safe learning environment.

Visitors shall respect the learning environment and all students' rights to privacy. The school personnel's first responsibility is to students, and so school personnel may be unable to converse at any length with visitors. If a conference is desired, arrangements will be made for an appointment at another time.

If in the judgment of the school principal or designee, the visitor's presence has or may have a disruptive effect on the educational program, the principal or designee shall have the authority to limit or deny the visitor access to the school site, activity, or program.

When parents and/or the community have been invited to a large school event, such as a music program, athletic event, back-to-school night, reasonable procedures will apply.

While the District values family and community involvement in the schools, visiting schools is a privilege, not a right, which may be limited, denied, or revoked by a school administrator or designee based on considerations of student and staff health and safety, maintenance of a proper educational environment, and/or failure to comply with this policy.



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ECA, Buildings and Grounds Security KFA, Public Conduct on School Property


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