Boulder Valley School District

Policy By Category

School Board Powers and Responsibilities

  • BA

School Board Member Conduct

  • BC

Board Member Code of Ethics (Exhibit)

  • BCA-E2

Code of Ethics for School Board Members

  • BCE

Advisory Committees

  • BDF

District Personnel Performance Evaluation Council


  • BDFA

Career and Technical Advisory Council


  • BDFB

District Drug Abuse Education and Prevention Advisory Council


  • BDFD

Community Bond Oversight Committee


  • BDFE

Long Range Advisory Committee

  • BDFF

School District Attorney

  • BDG

School Board Member Insurance & Compensation


  • BIC

School Board Meetings


  • BM

Electronic Participation in School Board Meetings


  • BMEA

Executive Sessions

  • BMES

Board Organizational Meeting


  • BMO

Public Participation at School Board Meetings


  • BEDH

Board Officers


  • BO

School Board Policy


  • BP

School Board Member Development

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