Boulder Valley School District

Policy By Category

Risk Management Program

  • EB

Prevention of Disease/Infection Transmission

  • EBBA

Prevention of Disease/Infection Transmission (Regulation)

  • EBBA-R

Hazardous Materials Policy

  • EBBD

Hazardous Materials Procedures (Regulation)

  • EBBD-R

School Closings and Cancellations


  • EBCE

School Closings and Cancellations

  • EBCE-R

Asbestos in the Schools

  • EBD

Risk Management Program (Regulation)

  • EB-R

Accident Prevention and Procedures (Regulation)

  • EB-R2

Buildings and Grounds Security


  • ECA

Access to Buildings (And Key Control)

  • ECAA

Access to Buildings (And Key Control) (Regulation)

  • ECAA-R

Video Surveillance Procedures (Regulation)

  • ECA-R

Seguridad en Edificios y Terrenos


  • ECA
  • ECA SP
  • Spanish

Operations and Maintenance

  • ECB

Environmental Sustainability

  • ECF

Material Resources Management

  • ED

Receiving and Warehousing

  • EDA

Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials

  • EDC

Student Transportation Services


  • EEA

Walkers and Riders

  • EEAA

School Bus Scheduling and Routing

  • EEAB

School Bus Safety Program


  • EEAC

Student Conduct on School Buses


Special Use of School Buses

  • EEAD

Use of School Buses by Community Groups



Use of School Buses by Community Groups (Regulation)


Student Transportation in Private Vehicles


  • EEAE

Transporte de Estudiantes en Vehículos Privados;


  • EEAE
  • Spanish

Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing



Transporte de Estudiantes en Vehículos Privados (Exposición)


  • EEAE-E
  • Spanish

Student Transportation in Private Vehicles (Exhibit)


  • EEAE-E

Student Transportation Services (Regulation)


  • EEA-R

School-Owned Vehicles (Regulation)


  • EEBA-R

Food Services Management


  • EF

Healthy Food Choices


  • EFA

BVSD Healthy Food Guidelines (Regulation)


  • EFA-R

Food Services Management (Regulation)


  • EF-R

Duplication of Copyrighted Material



Duplication of Copyrighted Materials Guidelines (Exhibit)


  • EGAAA-E1

Duplication of Copyrighted Materials (Exhibit)


  • EGAAA-E2

Permiso Para la Participación del Estudiante Durante la Presentación De Videos (Exposición)


  • EGAAA-E3
  • Spanish

Parent Permission for Classroom Videotape Viewing (Exhibit)


  • EGAAA-E3

Reproduction and Use of Copyrighted Materials (Non-Print and Print) (Regulation)



Electronic Communications



Staff Use of Electronic Mail (Regulation)



Web and Internet Publishing


  • EHCA

Web and Internet Publishing (Regulation)


  • EHCA-R

Insurance Management


  • EI

Liability Insurance

  • EIB