Boulder Valley School District

Policy By Category

Open Hiring/Equal Employment Opportunity

  • GBA

Acoso Sexual

  • Spanish

Staff Involvement in Decision Making

  • GBB

Staff Ethics/Conflicts of Interest

  • GBEA

Staff Ethics/Conflicts of Interest (Exhibit)

  • GBEA-E

Staff Ethics/Conflicts of Interest (Regulation)

  • GBEA-R

Staff Conduct (And Responsibilities)

  • GBEB

Staff Gifts and Solicitations


Employee Limitations on Accepting Gifts (Regulation)


Staff Conduct and Responsibilities (Regulation)

  • GBEB-R

Staff Use of District Technology, the Internet and Electronic Communications 

  • GBEE

Staff Terms and Conditions for Acceptable Use of BVSD Technology Resources (Exhibit)


  • GBEE-E-1

Staff Terms and Conditions for Assignment of District Technology Resources - Administrative Rights (Exhibit)

  • GBEE-E-2

Staff Use of District Technology, the Internet, and Electronic Communications (Regulation) 

  • GBEE-R

Staff Health and Safety Administrative Procedures for Dealing with Employees with Communicable and/or Life-Threatening Diseases (Regulation)

  • GBE-R

Liability of School Personnel Staff Protection

  • GBG

Staff Personal Security and Safety

  • GBGB

Workers Compensation

  • GBGD

Criminal History Record Information

  • GBI

Personnel Records and Files

  • GBJ

Disclosure of Information to Prospective Employers

  • GBJA

Staff Concerns Complaint Grievances

  • GBK

Staff Concerns Complaints Grievances (Regulation)

  • GBK-R

Professional Staff Positions

  • GCA

Professional Staff Positions (Regulation)

  • GCA-R

Professional Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans

  • GCB

Professional Staff Salary Schedules, Teachers

  • GCBA-1

Professional Staff Salary Schedules, Teachers (Regulation)

  • GCBA-1-R

Professional Staff Supplementary Pay Plans

  • GCBB

Professional Staff Fringe Benefits

  • GCBC

Professional Staff Fringe Benefits (Regulation)

  • GCBC-R

Professional Staff Leaves and Absences, Teachers

  • GCBD-1

Professional Staff Leaves and Absences, Administrators

  • GCBD-2

Professional Staff Vacations and Holidays

  • GCBE

Professional Staff Recruiting/Hiring, Teachers

  • GCC-GCD-1

Professional Staff Recruiting/Hiring, Teachers (Regulation)

  • GCC-GCD-1-R

Professional Staff Recruiting/Hiring, Administrators

  • GCC-GCD-2

Selection and Appointment of Administrators

  • GCC-GCD-3

Teachers and Administrators Professional Staff Background Checks

  • GCC-GCD-4

Professional Staff Certification Responsibilities

  • GCDA

Arrangements for Professional Staff Substitutes (Regulation)

  • GCEA-R

Professional Staff Orientation

  • GCF

Part-time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment_Qualifications of Substitute Staff


Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers

  • GCI

Professional Staff Work Load

  • GCK

Professional Staff Development Opportunities

  • GCL

Evaluation of Professional Staff Administrators

  • GCN-2

Resignation of Professional Staff Members

  • GCPB

Retirement of Professional Staff Members

  • GCPC

Voluntary Early Retirement of Professional Staff


Suspension and Dismissal of Teachers (and Contract Nonrenewal)

  • GCPD

Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff Members (and Contract Nonrenewal) - Teachers (Exhibit)

  • GCPD-E1

Nonschool Employment/Consulting Activities by Professional Staff Members


Professional Research and Publishing

  • GCQB

Professional Research and Publishing (Regulation)

  • GCQB-R

Professional Staff Facilities 

  • GCQE

Support Staff Positions (Regulation)

  • GDA-R

Support Staff Supplementary Pay Plans (Overtime Pay)

  • GDBB

Support Staff Fringe Benefits

  • GDBC

Support Staff Leaves and Absences

  • GDBD

Support Staff Vacations and Holidays

  • GDBE

Support Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans/Salary Schedules


Support Staff Recruiting/Hiring


Support Staff Orientation (And Inservice Training)

  • GDF

Support Staff Probation

  • GDG

Support Staff Reassignments and Transfers

  • GDI

Evaluation of Support Staff 

  • GDN

Support Staff Promotions

  • GDO

Retirement of Support Staff Members

  • GDPC

Voluntary Early Retirement of Support Staff


Voluntary Early Retirement of Support Staff (Regulation)

  • GDPC-R

Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff Members

  • GDPD

Suspensión Y Despido de Miembros del Personal de Apoyo

  • GDPD
  • Spanish

Employee Benefit Plans

  • GDR