Boulder Valley School District

Policy By Category

Instructional Goals

  • IA

Academic Freedom

  • IB

School Year/School Calendar

  • IC-ICA

Curriculum Development and Revision

  • IF

Administrative Guidelines for Planning Alternative Programs

  • IFB-E1

Request for New Courses or Major Modifications of Existing Programs

  • IFB-E2

Curriculum Development and Revision (Regulation)

  • IF-R

Basic Instructional Program

  • IGA

Teaching About Religion and Religion in the Schools

  • IGAC

Teaching About Religion (And Religion in the Schools) (Regulation)

  • IGAC-R

Postsecondary Occupational Program (Regulation)


Health Education Program Parental Exclusion Request

  • IGAE-E

Solicitud de los Padres de Exclusión del  Programa de Educación de la Salud

  • IGAE-E
  • Spanish

Health Education - Excusal Procedure (Regulation)

  • IGAE-R

Educación de la salud - Procedimiento de exclusión



  • IGAE-R
  • Spanish

Educación de la Salud

  • IGAE
  • Spanish

Teaching About Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs

  • IGAG

Basic Instructional Program (Regulation)

  • IGA-R

Programs for Students with Disabilities (Special Education)


  • IGBA

Programsas Para Estudiantes Con Discapacidades
(Educación especial)

  • IGBA
  • Spanish

Postsecondary Enrollment Options

  • IGCD

Postsecondary Enrollment Options Intent Form (Exhibit)

  • IGCD-E1

Appeal Form for Denial of High School Credit for Postsecondary Course (Exhibit)

  • IGCD-E2

Postsecondary Enrollment Options (Regulation)

  • IGCD-R

Student Organizations (Secondary Schools)

  • IGDA

Application for School-Sponsored Student Academic Organization (Exhibit)

  • IGDA-E1

Application for Student Organization (Exhibit)

  • IGDA-E2

Student Initiated Club Posting (Exhibit)

  • IGDA-E3

Student Organizations (Secondary Schools) (Regulation)

  • IGDA-R

Organizaciones Estudiantiles (Escuelas secundarias y preparatorias)

  • IGDA-R
  • Spanish

Organizaciones Estudiantiles

  • IGDA
  • Spanish

Student Publications

  • IGDB

Student Activities Fees

  • IGDE

Student Fund-Raising Activities

  • IGDF

Student Activities Funds Management

  • IGDG

Interscholastic Athletics

  • IGDJ

Interscholastic Athletics and Extracurricular Activities


Interscholastic Athletic and Extracurricular Activities Policy Acknowledgment (Exhibit)

  • IGDJA-E1

Deportes Interescolares Y Actividades Extracurriculares - Asentimiento de la Politíca

  • IGDJA-E1
  • Spanish

Interscholastic Athletics and Extracurricular Activities (Sanctions) (Regulation)


Deportes Interescolares Y Actividades Extracurriculares (Sanciones)

  • Spanish

Deportes Interescolares Y Actividades Extracurriculares

  • Spanish

Adult Education Programs

  • IGE

Programs for Gifted Students (Regulation)

  • IHBB-R

Compensatory Education (Title I)


  • IHBD

Field Trips and Activity Travel

  • IICA

Field Trips and Activity Travel (Regulation)

  • IICA-R

Instructional Materials Selection and Adoption

  • IJ

Volunteer Agreement, Waiver & Release (Exhibit)

  • IJOC-E

Acuerdo de Voluntario, Renuncia y Liberació

  • IJOC-E
  • Spanish

Voluntarios en las Escuelas 

  • IJOC
  • Spanish

Grading Systems/Final Examinations/Student Progress Reports to Parents


Grading Systems/Final Examinations/Student Progress Reports to Parents - Regulations


Homework (Regulation)

  • IKB-R

Weighted Grades

  • IKC

Promotion, Retention, and Acceleration of Students

  • IKE

Retention or Acceleration Guiding Questions for K-8 Students (Exhibit)

  • IKE-E1

Preguntas guiadas para la Retención o Aceleración de Estudiantes en K-8

  • IKE-E1
  • IKE-E1 SP
  • Spanish

Promotion, Nonpromotion, and Acceleration of Students (Regulation)

  • IKE-R

Informal Nonpromotion or Acceleration Inventory for K-8 Students (Exhibit)

  • IKE-R E2

Inventario Informal para la no Promoción o Aceleración de Estudiantes K‐8

  • IKE-R E2
  • IKE-R E2 SP
  • Spanish

Promoción, Retención y Aceleración de estudiantes (Regulación)

  • IKE-R
  • IKE-R SP
  • Spanish

Promoción , Retención y Aceleración de Estudiantes

  • IKE
  • IKE SP
  • Spanish

Graduation Requirements (Applicable for the Classes of 2017-2020)

  • IKF (2017-2020)

Graduation Requirements (Applicable Beginning with the Class of 2021)

  • IKF (Beg 2021)

Petition for Early Graduation (Exhibit)

  • IKF-E1

Performance Standards (Exhibit)

  • IKF-E2

Requisitos para la Graduación
(Aplicable a partir de la clase de 2021)

  • IKF SP
  • Spanish

Teaching About Controversial Issues


  • INB

Educational Research

  • IO

Educational Research (Regulation)

  • IO-R