Boulder Valley School District

Policy By Category

Annual Operating Budget

  • DB

Budget Transfers

  • DBJ

Grants Management

  • DD

Project Partnerships, Sub-Award Grants, Sub-Contracts Pursuant to Grants, and Third-Party Grants Involving District Personnel, Programs or Facilities (Regulation)

  • DD-R1

Grants to District Personnel (Regulation)

  • DD-R2

Loan Programs (Funds from State Tax Sources)

  • DEB

Revenues from State/Federal Tax Sources


Cash Management/Investment Policy

  • DFA

Revenues from Licensing of School Facilities for Telecommunication Uses

  • DFB

Depository of Funds/Authorized Signatures

  • DG

Bonded Employees and Officers

  • DH

Fiscal Accounting and Reporting

  • DI

Capital Asset Accounting

  • DID

District Audit Committee

  • DIEA

Purchasing and Contracting

  • DJ-DJE

Salary Deductions

  • DLB

Salary Deductions (Regulation)

  • DLB-R

Expense Reimbursements

  • DLC

Payroll Procedures/Payday Schedules

  • DL-DLA

District Property Disposal Procedures

  • DN