Boulder Valley School District

Potential Recall Election

Update November 30, 2021: The recall effort has failed due to not enough signatures gathered by the deadline (Monday, Nov. 29).

The Boulder Valley School District respects the voices of our community members and their democratic rights, including their ability to recall members of the Board of Education, under Colorado law. This page will provide updates regarding the potential recall election.

Recall Petitions

On Friday, September 10, 2021 we were informed that the following recall petitions had been filed:

Stated reasons for the recall

The three petitions have identical statements for the grounds of the recall:

  1. consistently ignored dissenting opinions before making important decisions impacting staff and students;
  2. provided no meaningful oversight of unelected health officials who have presented biased, misleading and false information at board meetings;
  3. unquestioningly accepted the aforementioned officials’ advice while ignoring professional, credentialed, and well-informed constituents;  
  4. demonstrated a callous disregard for students’ physical and mental health by mandating masks indefinitely and without solid grounding in science for all students as young as age 2;  
  5. endangered the health of students by refusing to acknowledge legitimate medical exemptions approved by medical professionals;
  6. aggressively promoted unlicensed Emergency Use Authorization COVID vaccines for students, including on school grounds, despite the controversial risk: benefit ratio of these products for children; 
  7. neglected to address a variety of student health and safety grievances raised by constituents throughout the district;
  8. purposely avoided accountability by excluding parents from in-person participation at school board meetings. 

Board Member Rebuttal

The following rebuttal is being submitted by all three of our Board of Education members:​​

I reject this recall effort as a potential threat to public health, a distraction for our community, and a waste of Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) monetary resources of at least $750,000.
In-person learning has been our top priority during this pandemic.  Our board has been working hard to ensure that our students continue receiving a top-notch education, that we minimize the number of school and class closures, and that we maintain high standards of safety and health.

The BVSD Board recognizes Boulder County Public Health’s statutory responsibility to protect the health of our community and BVSD has complied with all health orders accordingly. We understand that as a part of a layered approach, masks, vaccines, testing, and high-quality ventilation are the most effective tools in preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
BVSD’s mask exemption process addresses the legitimate medical needs of individual students and employees while maintaining broad community protections.

Public engagement is a core value of the BVSD board. Grievances brought to the district are heard and considered. We have engaged with our community regularly by email, during phone, Zoom, and in-person meetings, with public comment during every regular board meeting, and during school visits and other public engagement activities. 

Amidst the ever-changing pandemic landscape the BVSD board has been immediately responsive to changing conditions, and has created innovative and flexible education programs to meet the needs of our families.
This recall effort, if successful in gaining enough signatures, will cost BVSD and our taxpayers over $668,000. The money spent on this recall will be gone from our budget forever and cannot be recovered. 

The waste, distraction, and public health threat presented by this recall petition cannot be undone, and we reject this recall effort as counter to the needs of our school district and community.


Throughout the course of the pandemic, the Boulder Valley School District has worked closely with its partners in public health – recognized and respected health experts – to take actions that protected the health of students and prevented the spread of COVID-19. This allowed us to have students return to in-person learning and stay in-person, despite a high number of cases in the community at large. We recognize the importance of in-person learning to our students’ academic and social-emotional success.

Currently BVSD and all other businesses are mandated to require masks indoors by Boulder County Public Health. BVSD must adhere to state and local public health orders.

The Board of Education’s meetings are open to the public via BV22 (BVSD’s PEG television station that broadcasts on Comcast Channel 22 and online at As usual, the board heard public comment during every regular meeting – in alignment with Colorado law. Virtual meetings are absolutely permitted under the law. Additionally, Board members engaged with the public through email, virtual meetings and other opportunities.

Potential Recall Steps


  • Proposed Petition must be filed (District notified of petitions on Friday, September 10)
  • Board members respond to the Petition statements with a statement of rebuttal 
  • Petitioners must resubmit petitions with the responses from the Board members.


  • 15,000 signatures must be collected within 60 days for each petition


  • The Boulder County Clerk and Recorder must verify signatures

Cost of Potential Recall

If successful in triggering a recall election, it is estimated that the cost to the Boulder Valley School District would be $651,415 - $668,133.

This is based on the estimates provided by the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder's Office:

  • Boulder County: $524,683
  • Gilpin County: $18,450
  • Broomfield County: $108,282 - 125,000

This amount is not budgeted currently.

Separate Election

It is important to know that the recall election cannot be held during November's general election.

BVSD already has three Board of Education seats on the Nov. 2 ballot (Districts B, E and F).

November 2021 Election