Boulder Valley School District

BVSD is the Place to Be

BVSD is the Place to Be

Peak to Peak Graduation 2023

Boulder Valley School District is committed to ensuring our students are prepared so that after graduation they leave empowered and ready to follow their dreams.


BVSD is committed to keeping our school communities safe. We know that before learning is possible, our students and staff must feel safe and supported.

Pillow created by a JWill volunteer for mastectomy patients

We are focused on students’ well being – through social emotional learning, wellness centers and student-centered efforts to address vaping, fentanyl, etc.

students during lunch

Be You - We are striving to create a welcoming environment for student, family and staff member in BVSD – with inclusivity and equity always at the forefront

teacher stands with student

Lifted by the best teachers and support staff in Colorado, our goal is to help every student succeed in their academic, career and personal lives.

Person on bike for earth day

As a leader in whole district sustainability, BVSD creates healthy learning environments and experiences that equip all students and staff with the knowledge and skills to create more equitable and sustainable communities. 

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