Boulder Valley School District
A girl studies in the hallway with a logo BVSD is the Place to Be Safe

BVSD is committed to keeping our school communities safe. We know that before learning is possible, our students and staff must feel safe and supported.

A layered approach

There is nothing more important that the safety of our children, so, in the Boulder Valley School District it is a top priority.

We have built a layered approach to safety and security. Working closely with our partners in law enforcement, we have implemented best practices.

BVSD's Safety Plan

Designed to protect

Thanks to our generous community, BVSD's buildings are not only beautiful, but they have been carefully designed to protect students and staff. Through bond-funded projects, every school now has critical infrastructure like secure vestibules and security cameras that keep everyone safe.

Proactive care

Understanding that providing students with the social-emotional support they need every day, as well as spotting concerning behavior early can help to avoid bigger issues later on, BVSD has invested in the mental health of our students, including ensuring every school, including elementary schools, have counselors, as well as adding mental health advocates.

Mental health supports


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