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Be Successful

Boulder Valley School District is committed to ensuring our students are prepared so that after graduation they leave empowered and ready to follow their dreams.

Our graduates soar

The Boulder Valley School District has long been a leader in education here in Colorado – known for its rigorous instruction and resulting excellence our graduates are able to achieve. 

Our students have become state leaders, federal judges, outstanding actors, journalists, musicians and athletes.

We are incredibly proud that three astronauts have launched their careers from BVSD high schools, including Jessica Watkins (Fairview ‘06) who is currently at the International Space Station, Jack Fischer, (Centaurus ‘92) and Scott Carpenter (Boulder ‘43)

Amazing BVSD Alumni

Challenging, meaningful and engaging learning

At BVSD, we strive to meet the words in our mission statement. Our world-class educators engage students in relevant and challenging coursework and learning experiences.

Students are assessed in multiple ways to demonstrate skills and understanding. Educators then use these assessments to provided differentiated supports to ensure every student succeeds.

Academics in BVSD

An ambitious plan

The All Together for All Students Strategic Plan, launched in 2018, aims Inspire the passion of learning, Equip students with the necessary skills to overcome disparities in achievement, and prepare them to Soar in whatever they choose to do after school.

By addressing systemic challenges and focusing on data-driven progress, we are working to ensure every student has the ability to succeed.

All Together for All Students

Excellence Through Equity

Understanding that BVSD can't truly be an excellent school district, unless every child has the opportunity to thrive, we are working to remove barriers to success, which disproportionately impact our students of color, those living in poverty, emerging bilinguals and students with special needs. 

Excellence Through Equity

Grad Plus prepares students to Soar

We know that future careers will continue to evolve. Imagine what careers are possible as access to outer space expands.

Our graduates will need the skills and confidence to keep learning and remaining flexible throughout their careers. GradPlus aims to ensure ALL of our students have the opportunity to succeed in whatever they do after school.

Grad Plus

Be Successful Stories

ASCENT 2023 group photo

ASCENT, a program that offers a year of free college tuition at either Front Range Community College or Metro State University, has expanded to offer an unlimited number of awardees. In response, BVSD celebrated and identified almost 500 seniors who have qualified in one year’s time. Over 40 of those students were approved to participate in the program, an increase from just four students in the spring of 2022.

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