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A group of elementary students running in a physical education class with the BVSD is the Place to Be Well Logo

We believe in caring for the whole child. We know that before students can focus and succeed in the classroom,  must be supported physically, mentally and through a healthy environment.

An entire community supporting our students

Below you'll find connections to our many resources when it comes to student health and wellness.

BVSD is proud of its leadership in this area. We have outstanding programs and resources to support our students. Our wonderful school nurses, counselors, mental health advisors and many community partners join our teachers and staff in wrapping their arms around our students to ensure they know they are loved and supported, so they can thrive academically and personally. 

Physical Health

On a daily basis it is important for students to take care of themselves by eating healthy, being active and getting enough sleep.  Learning healthy habits now provides both long-term academic and health benefits.

Physical Health Resources

Mental Health

Important mental health habits—including coping, resilience, and good judgment—help adolescents to achieve overall well being and set the stage for positive mental health in adulthood. 

Mental Health Resources

Environmental Health

A child's respiratory, immune, nervous, reproductive, and skeletal systems continue to develop throughout childhood. Exposures to environmental contaminants that occur early in life can cause adverse health impacts in children that can have implications well into adulthood, which is why BVSD strives to provide the healthiest environments possible for students.

Environmental Health Resources

Monarch high school students pose for a photo during back to school.

Health Promotion and Prevention

Youth need knowledge and skills to make good health decisions.  BVSD is committed to ensuring all youth reach adulthood with a healthy start by providing health promotion and prevention activities to all levels of students throughout their school career.

Health Promotion and Prevention Resources

The pandemic has served as a great reminder of the role that schools play in keeping our students safe and well. Beyond taking measures to keep a deadly virus from spreading, BVSD has worked to support our students

In fact, Children's Hospital Colorado issued a Youth Mental Health Crisis.

Points of Pride

  • Implemented Wellness Centers across BVSD’s  high schools

  • Successfully sued Juul to end marketing of vaping to students

  • RISE Influencer District - Kaiser Permanente and Colorado Education Initiative

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