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During this pandemic that struck Boulder Valley in March 2020, BVSD stood out for its leadership and tireless work to support students. As we approach the end of this unprecedented school year, we begin to reflect on how far we've come since the beginning and are continuing to offer improved remote learning, supports for students and equitable services to meet the needs of all of our students and families.

Celebrating BVSD's heroic work

On May 24, representatives from BVSD schools and departments gathered to recognize the outstanding work done during the Great Pandemic of 2020-2021.

March 2020: Looking back to the beginning

Backpacks filled with supplies and lessons

While COVID-19 had closed our schools, our goal during the early days of March was to keep students engaged and learning. Knowing that many families did not initially have technology and internet access, BVSD staff got to work, building backpacks filled with supplies and age-appropriate educational activities.

Equipping students for remote learning

BVSD moved quickly to provide each and every student with a Chromebook. Behind the scenes, that meant a lot of work in preparing the computers and ensuring that the distribution kept everyone safe during the pandemic.

Ensuring families didn't go hungry during the crisis

When schools closed to in-person learning in March 2020, one of the first concerns was ensuring that our students who depend on free or reduced-cost breakfast and lunch didn't go hungry. Our Food Services team, however, went further, creating food bags to ensure that entire families were fed during the crisis. Plus, our community liaisons worked to ensure that these meals got to families who couldn't make it to the distribution point.

Impressively responsive tech support for remote learning

Technology plays an essential role, when a school district moves to remote learning. In BVSD, our Information Technology department was up to the challenge, working tirelessly to ensure that students not only had technology and internet connections -- but that they and their families could count on solid tech support.

Supporting students every step of the way

Our caring educators missed the daily interaction with our students, but they found new ways to connect with families, providing support and encouragement to both students and parents alike.

Navigating a new mode of learning

With only one week of preparation, BVSD teachers made a tremendous transition to Home Learning. It was an entirely new mode of instruction and learning that required having teachers learn how effectively teach over Google Meet, as well as shooting and editing educational videos.

Community liaisons reaffirm essential role in BVSD, acting as district’s face and ears during the pandemic

Every Tuesday and Thursday, dozens of BVSD staff members hit the road, picking up food, books and supplies, before safely hand-delivering them to the doorsteps of the district’s most vulnerable families.

August 2020: Preparing for #BackTogetherBVSD

Videos to support elementary teachers

Over the summer, a group of elementary teachers, led by Foothill Elementary principal Nicholas Vanderpol, developed thousands of instructional videos to support elementary teachers and students. It was a labor of love meant, aimed at supporting their colleagues during the pandemic.

Bus drivers pitch in, while waiting for students to return

Boulder Valley School District bus drivers are excited to be back behind the wheel now, serving students across BVSD. During the pandemic, when school buildings were closed, the drivers and transportation aides proudly served the school district helping schools remain clean, address the backlog of maintenance tasks and even created traffic gardens.

Equipping students for the new school year

School supplies were given out to students in need during Impact on Education's annual Crayons to Calculators school supply drive.

Back to School during a pandemic

The Boulder Valley School District returned to school in remote learning. Our educators and students made the best of this unusual start to school. Teachers have worked to improve Home Learning, making it more engaging and increasing communication with parents.

Employees take alternate assignments to prep for #BackTogetherBVSD

Employees across the district took on new roles to prepare school buildings for reopening when other positions (bus drivers, kitchen leads, etc) weren't needed yet.

Custodians are on the frontlines

“Whether people are working from home or remotely, we have custodians in the building every single day making sure that the buildings are clean and safe for students and staff to be there,” said Molly McLoughlin, Director of Facilities.

Returning to in-person instruction

Between September 29 and the end of October, students at all levels had the opportunity to return to in-person learning. The students were excited, but we think the teachers were even more excited to have them back.

August 2020-today: Continuous Improvement and Staff Heroes

Making Specials special in every learning mode

During the pandemic, our specials teachers (those that focus on art, music and physical education in elementary schools) have had to find new ways to connect with students regardless of where or how they're meeting on any given day, whether learning was in-person, remote or outdoors.

Expanding learning to the great (and safer) outdoors

The Boulder Valley School District has encouraged schools and teachers to expand instruction, by going outside of the school walls, knowing the benefit to students learning through exploration, as well a way of limiting their exposure to COVID-19. BVSD Sustainability Coordinator Dr. Ghita Carroll and BVSD's Operational Services department, in collaboration with our partners at Growing Up Boulder and Thorne Nature Experience, have worked to identify existing and improve outdoor learning areas, as well as provide guidelines and encouragement to BVSD educators.

Exploring HyFlex instruction

Several teachers at Superior Elementary are exploring the best ways to provide HyFlex Instruction. That is when a portion of your students are in-person and some are learning remotely from home.

Air purifiers add one more layer of safety

BVSD has long been a leader in indoor air quality. During COVID-19 our team redoubled its efforts. This winter break, however, it took the entire BVSD team coming together to add one more safety layer -- air purifiers in every classroom and classroom.

Central admin staff help wherever they are needed

Approximately 30 members of the central admin team including Area Superintendents, Executive Directors, Directors, and certified staff stepped in to provide support. To keep buildings open,  they jumped around from school to school, anywhere that needed help. Whether it was with classroom support, bus duty, recess duty, playground duty, or lunch duty.

SPED Paras are 'angels' in the classroom

When it comes to SPED paras, some call them angels and some call them unsung heroes. Whether they are teaching online or in-person, they have adapted, and they have continued to thrive at building close relationships with their students.

Paraeducators, a “Jack-of-All-Trades”

Chances are, a Paraeducator has touched the lives of each and every student at one time or another. Whether it’s inside a classroom or not, Paras serve in various capacities throughout the district.

staff moving around with young students

It’s all Hands on Deck as Nurses and Health Room Paras Navigate Through the Pandemic

Joining together has definitely been a theme during this pandemic for school Nurses and Health Room Paras. There have been uncertainties, switching guidelines, and changing directions. However, they have stayed tightly woven together to find the best way to keep everyone healthy and safe during the pandemic.

staff checking student in outside

Made Possible Through Partnership

Serving the students and families of Boulder Valley is only possible through the support of our community and especially our partners at Impact on Education. Our foundation has been with us every step of the way, raising funds and coordinating volunteers. With their help, we've been able to ensure our students do not have to go without food, face coverings and school supplies. Join the effort by filling out the form on this website.