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We know our community is hurting deeply right now. While we continue to mourn the tragedy that occurred last week, we, reluctantly, feel compelled to address another difficult topic with our families – sexual violence.


We are deeply saddened by the horrifying act of violence that happened in our community on Monday afternoon. Our deepest condolences are with the 10 people who died and their families, including Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley, who by all accounts heroically rushed into the King Soopers, along with other officers, knowing that they would face an active shooter.

students at unified ninja event eating lunch

The Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) advises departments and the Board of Education on ways to help enhance the quality of education for children with disabilities. Their vision is that all learners are respected and challenged with high expectations, their needs are met and student aspirations for success are fulfilled.

teachers in classroom setting up computers and cameras

Our teachers have been absolute heroes this past year. During the pandemic they have not only had to adapt to a new way of teaching (hybrid and hyflex), but also a new way of creating curriculum (adapting to online learners). They have literally been teaching while they are learning.