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Wanda Vasquez Garcia presents her book to Pioneer students

Wanda Vasquez Garcia has been  a music teacher at Escuela Bilingüe Pioneer for the past five years, but her love for music began at a very young age. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, her father, a librarian for the National Symphony Orchestra in the Dominican Republic, played a crucial role in her musical upbringing, opening doors to opportunities that she might not have otherwise encountered. Bilingualism and her multicultural background serve her well in her role as the music teacher at a dual language school. Now, her mission is to extend those possibilities to her students, helping them grow and learn through music.

Jorge Chavez

Jorge Chavez was recently elected to the BVSD Board of Education in December 2023. He brings a unique blend of expertise in sociology and criminology to his role. Currently serving as an associate professor at CU Denver's School of Education and Human Development, Chavez's academic focus on social issues seamlessly aligns with his responsibilities on the School Board.

Nicole Rajpal headshot

BVSD Board of Education President Nicole Rajpal has been actively involved in the school district since her children were BVSD kindergarten students. Now her kids are in middle and high school and over that time Rajpal’s positive impact on the students and staff experience in BVSD continues to grow.

Tony Skala

While Tony Skala has been the director of transportation for the Boulder Valley School District for four years now, he says he has not forgotten where he started.

Gold Hill students on nature trip

This past fall, Johanna Morrison’s classroom at Gold Hill Elementary school buzzed with excitement as a dedicated class of young naturalists delved into studying the intricacies of water-edge ecosystems, called riparian zones. As an exciting extension of their studies, Morrison’s students embarked on a creative writing and art project, resulting in the publication of a book titled "Healthy, Happy Habitats" for which each student created their own story and picture to add to the book.

Nevin McKay Epp photographed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Nevin McKay Epp, an IT Service Desk Technician at  BVSD, stands out for his technical skills and dedication to connecting with and empowering users. Born in Ecuador, he attended elementary school in Colorado at BVSD’s own Escuela Bilingue Pioneer, where he eventually returned and worked as the registrar. Described by his colleagues as "fully bilingual and fully enthusiastic", his diverse experiences have shaped his approach to IT support.

Kris Stoppenhagen photo

Before coming to work at the Boulder Valley School District, as the executive director of Bond Planning & Construction, BVSD left quite an impression on Kris Stoppenhagen. “Boulder Valley School District was really my favorite client,” Stoppenhagen said. 

As a project manager with RLH Engineering, Stoppenhagen worked with a lot of local school districts including Jeffco Public Schools, Eaton School District, Weld RE-4 in Windsor and Thompson School District.  Through different projects, BVSD always stood out to him. 

Centaurus CTE mockup

As part of BVSD’s efforts to expand Career and Technical Education offerings and support student success, the Bond-funded Building for Student Success building renovation program passed by voters in 2022 will expand and update Accelerate centers at middle and high schools throughout the district and the central career acceleration center at the Arapahoe Campus in Boulder.

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