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With the increase of Electric Bicycle usage in and around Boulder County, local Trauma Centers have seen an increase in injuries related to this economical and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

To help keep our students safe, please consider the following Injury Prevention Tips.


We are writing to you today with excitement and profound gratitude for the overwhelming show of support for the students of the Boulder Valley School District from voters with the approval of local ballot issue 5A and statewide Proposition FF.

Sick kid with parent

About this time of year, every year, BVSD’s school nurses see an increase in sickness – prompting them to remind all of us to stay home when we are sick, wash our hands, and cover our mouths when we sneeze or cough. 

This year they say the situation is being complicated by an early increase of RSV and higher than normal hospitalizations and new COVID variants.

Bilingual and Proud logo

The Boulder Valley School District has long valued bilingualism, understanding the benefits that it provides to both our students and the community at large. With over 4,000 bilingual students in the district, BVSD is one of the few school districts in Colorado to operate dual-language schools (Boulder’s University Hill Elementary and Lafayette’s Pioneer Elementary) where students take classes in both English and Spanish, with a goal of completing elementary bilingual and biliterate — able to read, write and speak in both languages.

Overnight New Vista High School is filled with fright

Built in the 1950s, the building where New Vista High School currently resides is filled with plenty of horrors. The BVSD Critical Needs Plan documents a list of concerns caused by the substantial deterioration of the building’s condition. While a lot of updates are needed for the old facility that was once Baseline Middle School, from cracks in the foundation, which pose a risk to the school’s structural integrity, to a roof that leaks profusely during heavy downpours – there is one concern that was left out of the report.

POCC Council

The Parents of Color Council was created by two BVSD parents in fall 2019. Working with district leaders, they wanted to have a space to advocate for their children, where they could feel like they belonged and were included. The Council has grown into a supportive and safe space for parents and caregivers of color to share experiences with each other and voice needs and concerns to the district. It is an action-driven group where parents of color work towards creating or improving practices and policies that help to create an environment where kids of color thrive in their schools and the district as a whole. 

eco cycle

BVSD’s 41 Green Star Schools, committed to zero waste practices including composting, started the school year with surprising news of an abrupt shift to compost collection practices. BVSD was informed a week before school started that the regional composting facility, A1 Organics, was no longer accepting compost material with any amount of contamination. In turn, Eco-Cycle, BVSD’s compost hauler, also had to enforce the new standard.

Dyslexia Awareness month

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month and BVSD is proudly a leader in addressing this common learning disability that impacts about one in five people. Before the end of this school year, every Boulder Valley School District kindergarten student will be screened for dyslexia, as part of an intensive effort to ensure every BVSD student can read.

Boulder Valley School District logo

Boulder Police Department, working in collaboration with state and federal agencies and neighboring local jurisdictions, located missing 14-year-old Chloe Campbell at about 5 p.m. today at a residence in Thornton. She has been brought to a hospital for medical evaluation, and her parents have been notified. Police will ensure the teen and her family receive appropriate social services support.

Boulder Valley School District logo

BVSD has been in close contact with the Boulder Police Department, as they have been investigating a missing BVSD student from Boulder High School who failed to come home after last Friday’s Boulder High vs. Fairview football game (on Sept. 30). While they have classified the case as a runaway, they are now indicating that the student may be in danger, which is why we are reaching out to share the information with our community.

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