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Attend an upcoming community engagement session in April 2023, offered in both Spanish and English. All Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) families are welcome to a presentation and conversation with district leadership.

BVSD is hosting two (one English/one Spanish) events for parents and guardians to engage with Superintendent Rob Anderson, other district leaders and members of the BVSD Board of Education. 


What to expect during a crisis

The recent, frightening false reports of active shooters at schools across Colorado, including here in Boulder Valley, once again tested the systems school districts use to protect students and staff and to communicate threats with school communities. With this in mind, it is a good opportunity to review: How BVSD responds to emergencies, what families should do during an emergency, types of communication you can expect during a crisis, and who gets emergency messages.


When a break from school is on the horizon, both students and families look forward to a shake-up from everyday routines. BVSD’s Health Services department and our knowledgeable school nurses offer some tips for keeping students engaged and healthy during breaks.

Broomfield HS

A lot of magic happens in the large, nondescript shed behind Broomfield High School. While there are still weeks before the big event, on this Friday morning in March the shed is bustling, as parents work tirelessly to cut, paint and mount elements that will become large set pieces that will transport students to far-away places (although don’t ask about the theme because it is kept a secret until the big night). 

Given the Broadway-like production, you’d be forgiven if you thought that the parents are pitching in to help with Broomfield High’s spring musical. The work is all for the school's legendary after prom, known as JAM (Just After Midnight). 

Menzel sisters

While Cara Mentzel’s sister, Idina Menzel (yes, they spell their last names differently), is known for her roles on stage and screen, it was Cara who was treated like a superstar when she returned to Foothill Elementary in Boulder, Colorado earlier this month.

The educator, turned author, came back to the school where she taught for nearly 15 years to share her and her sister’s new children’s book, “Loud Mouse”. Students and staff at the school welcomed her back warmly.


BVSD has been working for more than a decade to create healthy learning environments and experiences that equip all students and staff with the knowledge and skills to create more equitable and sustainable communities.

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We want to let you know that law enforcement responded to Boulder High School and Boulder Preparatory High School this morning, following what appears to be another swatting call.

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