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Athlete runs wearing mask
  • CHSAA Golf will be as normal
  • CHSAA Boys Tennis and Girls Softball will begin Aug 10th
  • CHSAA has not made a decision about other sports
Back Together BVSD

We are extending the deadline to Sunday, July 26 to let us know if your student is opting out of in-person learning – we wanted to provide a little more information about what Phase 3 will look like at each level

Back Together BVSD

Given the current situation with COVID-19 here in Boulder and Broomfield counties, our local public health agencies feel that it is possible to open schools, as long as students are kept in small consistent socially-distanced groups. As a result, we are planning to start the school year a week later than planned in Phase 3, unless the situation worsens significantly. 

Back Together BVSD

Over the past couple weeks, several Colorado school districts have announced their plans to return to full in-person instruction this fall. We expect several more to do the same over the next couple of weeks.

Our hope – above all hopes – is that students in BVSD have the opportunity to do the same. 

Back Together BVSD

On Tuesday, we presented an update to the Board of Education regarding our Reintroduction Plan. There are some important developments, which provide more detail about the five phases we are developing to ensure we have the flexibility that may be needed as we approach – and go through – the upcoming school year