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Since the start of the second semester, we have seen a markedly higher rate of absenteeism both amongst students in our schools and our employees, who help to keep those schools open. As we previously communicated, the Boulder Valley School District is NOT considering implementing remote learning as an entire district.

Smoke from the December 30, 2021 wildfire in Boulder County.

Thanks to the diligent work of our emergency management partners and utility companies, all Boulder Valley School District schools will reopen on Wednesday, January 5, as planned. This is incredibly important knowing that schools – both in the area of the fire and outside – can serve a very important role of supporting students and their families following this large tragedy.

Smoke from Boulder County fires

This morning, BVSD Maintenance teams were given access to the evacuation zone and began assessing our buildings. While there has been so much destruction, with more than 500 homes lost, it appears that our buildings were spared by the fire. Some were impacted by the heavy smoke and several remain without electricity, gas, water or access to the general public.

Boulder High School

Our thoughts are with the many impacted by today’s devastating wildfires in Boulder Valley, including many BVSD students, employees and families.

Vials of COVID-19 in a refrigerator

Our goal this entire school year has been to keep our schools open five days a week, knowing the importance that in-person learning and support has for our students. As we prepare to welcome students back, a week from today – Wednesday, January 5 – that remains our focus.

Boulder High School

Since the beginning of the school year, school districts across the country have been experiencing an increase in student behavior incidents, which, in part, can be attributed to a new trend on social media. Challenges originating from TikTok (a social media application typically known for its fun videos), have encouraged students to vandalize schools and to slap teachers for social media notoriety. Unfortunately, this week the new trend is provocative, in some cases threatening or talk of rumors of school violence on Friday, December 17.

A mother and child make heart shapes with their hands.

There is no question that the global pandemic has impacted us all, but it appears that our children are especially struggling to cope with the crisis social-emotionally.

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