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Computer animated drawing of COVID-19 cells

The health precautions we have in place in BVSD are the same recommendations that the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and our local public health agencies continue to stress: stay home when sick, test for COVID if symptomatic, vaccinate and isolate if you’ve tested positive.  

Facilities Team Keeps BVSD Going

BVSD’s Facilities staff are organized into teams by area of expertise/responsibility: Buildings (managing building maintenance), HVAC (responsible for clean air and comfortable temperatures), Trades (plumbing, electrical, and life safety systems), Grounds (everything outside - landscaping, playgrounds, snow and ice removal, tracks, fields, irrigation, etc.), environmental (maintaining indoor environmental quality), and custodial (keeping it all clean and sanitized).

School Age Care Staff Provides Comfort During Chaos

The BVSD School Age Care (SAC) staff has always provided a safe gathering place before and after school where children can learn, grow and laugh before and after the school bell. Over the last two years, the Coal Creek Elementary SAC site has become a haven of relative normalcy amidst the pandemic and the Marshall wildfire for students and parents alike.

Special Ed Sanchez

A trip to Thailand after college changed Dixie Hoffman’s life forever. She thought that traveling there to teach English at a small elementary school was just a way for her to see the world. Little did she know, she would fall in love with teaching.

24/7: Safety doesn’t stop at BVSD

Weekends, evenings, holidays and even through a pandemic, the BVSD security team is on duty. Their work may not always be visible, but it is always happening behind the scenes ensuring the safety of students, staff and our BVSD communities. 

The magic of BVSD office managers

Have you ever put together a 5,000 piece puzzle in one day? That’s what work is like for our BVSD school office managers. They navigate each day assembling various pieces of the puzzle, to help our schools run as efficiently as possible. And they make it look easy.

You’re Invited: BVSD Connect

Attend an upcoming community engagement session this May, offered in both Spanish and English. All Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) families are welcome to a presentation and conversation with district leadership.

BVSD is hosting four (two English/two Spanish) events for parents and guardians to engage with Superintendent Rob Anderson, other district leaders and members of the BVSD Board of Education.


The secret to engaged learning at Casey Middle School

If you are tired of “doomscrolling” on Twitter, add some hope to your day by following Casey Middle School Science Teacher Erin Mayer (@Erinsmayer).

On a near-daily basis she journals the learning happening in her classroom in a way that might make you wish you could retake middle school science.

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