Boulder Valley School District

2,000 Backpacks distributed to elementary students

staff packing 2,000 backpacks
Carolyn Nohe

To make sure students were ready for Day 1 of home learning, BVSD worked to make sure that all of our students were ready to learn. The IT staff has been working to distribute over 7,000 devices to students and working with families to gain access to internet options. 

As a temporary support for students without access at home, last week, BVSD staff stocked 2,000 backpacks with school supplies, print learning materials, and distributed them to students at nine sites across the district.

“For our elementary school kids, not all families have computers for their kids and not all families have internet access,” said Allison Billings, Director of Impact on Education. Impact on Education has been a huge driver in raising the funds needed to provide these backpacks.

Besides just picking up the supplies, the distributions offered a chance for connection, after two weeks of school buildings being closed. 

“They’re super happy,” said Kristin Nelson-Steinhoff, Director of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education. “That connection has been really critical this morning. I think that our students have learned that there are adults inside their schools that care about them.”

Along with making sure kids have the physical supplies needed for home learning, our Student Support and counseling teams are playing a large role in connecting with students who have academic and social-emotional needs.


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