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Affected by the government shutdown? You may be eligible for school meal benefits

Randy Barber

The ongoing government shutdown has left many federal workers with the stress of financial uncertainty. Boulder Valley School District is dedicated to ensuring that no students go hungry, including during this crisis – and is ready to support BVSD parents impacted by the furloughs.

Households affected by the partial closure of the federal government may apply for National School Lunch and School Breakfast meal benefits. The income guidelines for free and reduced-price school meals are based on annual income. These guidelines are available on our Free and Reduced Lunch Program Page. 

Households may apply with the income received in the current month, projected for the month in which the application is completed or for the month prior to application.

Once children qualify for free or reduced-price meals they are eligible for benefits the remainder of the school year and the first 30 days of the following school year, even if your income goes up. Once the shutdown ends, however, families whose parents/guardians have returned to work are encouraged to end their free/reduced price status.

If you qualify for reduced-price meal benefits and your income decreases or your household size increases, you may want to reapply.

Additionally, children who qualify as homeless, runaway, foster, and/or migrant children, and students who live with a parent in a car or hotel are eligible for free meals once enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) program.

Additional Support
A number of community organizations across BVSD are pitching in to help furloughed workers. As we learn of more resources we will add them to this list:

Boulder Chamber Members Assisting Furloughed Federal Workers
Colorado Department of Labor and Employment - Government Shutdown page


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