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Apply Today: Students, staff and family members Wanted for new Equity Council

Excellence Through Equity
Superintendent Anderson

Dear Boulder Valley Families and Staff,

As you might recall, earlier this summer I reached out to our community to reaffirm the Boulder Valley School District’s commitment to equity, and to encourage everyone to join us in our stand against racism and injustice.

While the Black Lives Matter protests have faded, I want you to know that BVSD has continued its work. In fact, last week we spoke to the Board of Education about our equity efforts, sharing a new Excellence Through Equity website, which encapsulates the many initiatives happening now. It will also be the place where we will continue to keep everyone updated about our work moving forward.

Additionally, we announced plans to launch an Equity Council

Initially (for the next three months or so) its focus on the district’s discipline policies and the role of School Resource Officers in BVSD, but my hope is that this committee will play an ongoing role, ensuring that we always have community members in the room as we continue to wrestle with equity issues. I sincerely, hope that this group of students, staff, family and community members will help keep us dialed in to the needs of those in our system and push us forward so that we achieve the level of equity expected in the community we have the honor to serve, so that we make the best possible decisions moving forward.

We have brought in the Colorado Education Initiative to help us to stand up the Equity Council, because they have experience in this type of work and we believe their approach is a great fit for our community and what we want to do.

Below is some information about the council and how you can apply to join the effort.

Equity Committee Membership

There will be a three-part membership strategy to build out the Equity Council: 

District Nominations  

These will be individuals or community organizations that are critical to the equity work of our community. 

Membership Application 

The application will be available broadly to our entire community to apply to be a part of the discussion. 

Community Recruitment 

The district will randomly select and recruit students and families in our community to invite them to be a part of the process.   

By building a three-part membership process, we aspire to have a committee that will represent the breadth of diversity we find in our community.  

We aim to have 60% of the committee represent groups and populations who are the farthest from opportunity in our current school system.  Given the focus on equity and voices marginalized, we are being very intentional to build out this representation in the process.   

Initial Focus

Our initial focus will be on School Resource Officers (SROs) and how BVSD should approach moving forward with these personnel.  The Equity Council will learn about key issues facing our community  regarding SROs and exploring the possible next steps BVSD can take. 

Language Equity Support

We are committed to making all BVSD community members feel welcome and a crucial part of this process. As a result, the district is dedicated to interpretation during meetings and translation of all related materials to support.   

Apply Today! Applications now being accepted

We are looking for district staff, students, families and community members who are interested in being a part of this important initiative! 


Apply Now 


Applications are due September 3, 2020

Updates regarding the process and this committee’s work will be kept on the Equity Council website we’ve created

We hope you will consider joining us in making the Boulder Valley School District a more equitable place. 



Rob Anderson
Boulder Valley School District


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