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Big Changes Coming to the Education Center Campus

Big Changes Coming to the Education Center Campus
Randy Barber

A major renovation at BVSD’s Education Center, which gets underway in June, aims to make it easier for visitors to access the services they need. The project involves replacing the older half of the building with a new two-story structure. The floor plan of the new wing places services that families need, such as preschool, enrollment, and Special Education, near the main entrance of the building. 

“We would hear frequent feedback from families, particularly parents with young children, about how hard it was to find their way around [in the old building],” explained Assistant Superintendent of Operational Services, Rob Price.

The renovation also includes additional space for professional development, particularly related to Educational Technology. With this change, the district’s Professional Development Center will be renovated to accommodate board meetings, including a new broadcast booth. 

With the new district kitchen being constructed on the south side of the Education Center property concurrent with the renovation work, the campus will be a busy place for the next 18 months. Construction of the kitchen is scheduled to be complete next spring, and the new facility will be online for the start of school in August 2020. 

The first stage of the Education Center renovation this summer will involve demolition of the existing east wing of the building and renovations for the new board room. Once construction of the new wing is complete, renovations will take place in the remainder of the building. Construction is anticipated to be complete by the end of 2020.

Staff members currently housed in the section of the building that will be demolished will be temporarily relocated to other parts of the Education Center or offsite locations. The first big move took place over Spring Break and more staff will move at the end of May. 


  • Board of Education meetings will be held at the Town of Superior Town Hall over the summer (June 11 & 25 and Aug. 13 & 27).
  • The Education Center will be closed to the public on May 29-31. 
  • The Community Schools Program is moving to a temporary offsite location.
  • The following staff members have relocated (*note, all direct phone numbers remain the same.):
    • All Early Childhood Education staff (except Child Find) have moved to Mapleton Early Childhood Center. 
    • The Engage Academy has moved to the Arapahoe Campus. 
    • School Leadership Assistant Superintendents and Executive Directors have moved to the former Engage location. 

Check the project web page for updates on construction and what to expect at the Education Center. 


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