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Broomfield Principal Ginger Ramsey embodies the 60th anniversary of BVSD

Principal Ginger Ramsey with Superintendent Anderson
Carolyn Nohe

The celebration of the Boulder Valley School District’s 60th Anniversary marks the coming together of the smaller school districts at the time (Louisville, Lafayette, Nederland, and Boulder) into one unified school district. (Broomfield joined soon after). Broomfield principal Ginger Ramsey, who has worked for the district for 40 years, is the perfect representation of this school district.

Ramsey started her career in BVSD in 1981, as a math teacher and later administrator at Boulder High. In 1993, Ramsey moved over to Centaurus High first back to the classroom as a Math teacher and then administration there, before moving to her current role as principal of Broomfield High School in 2000.

“I think [Broomfield High] is the best-kept secret,” shares Ramsey. “ Since I started as principal at Broomfield I have said I get up every morning looking forward to going to work and feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven because it’s such a great community. Having said that, I loved when I worked at Centaurus and at Boulder High. Every school has its unique characteristics.”

Ramsey’s four children also went through BVSD schools, going through Louisville schools and then two went to Centaurus (where Louisville students went before Monarch High opened in 1998) and two went to Broomfield High. Being an administrator at schools where her children attended allowed her the opportunity to be present on stage at all of their graduations.

Over the 40 years of her career, Ramsey has seen many changes across the district including, she estimates, eight superintendents who “have all brought great ideas,” as well as many changes in technology that have helped mark the passage of time.

Ramsey, who jokes that she loves doing the master schedule for her schools, shares, “When I first started out doing this I used one of those big box Apple computers --a computer that couldn’t be backed up.”  One of her funniest memories is that a student got into the school and through the ceiling of her office and stole that computer, prompting her to have to redo the master schedule she had almost completed. “We’ve come a long way from that,” says Ramsey.

What has always remained a constant in the past 40 years for Principal Ramsey is her dedication and love for her students.

“Being able to see students engaged in all their activities. Being able to see them excel; it’s what never gets old for me. Going to an athletic event, or going to a theater production, or going to a band concert or choir concert. I enjoy getting to see students involved in things they love in addition to going to class.”

Not being able to attend as many events and milestones has been one of the biggest challenges for Ramsey this past year. And while some of her colleagues are retiring this year, she doesn’t see that in her future just yet.

“Boulder Valley has been good to me and my family. It’s given me the opportunity to grow in my profession, to do a lot of things. I tell people all the time, it’s refreshing to know I can retire when I want, but I love what I do. As long as I am making a positive impact, and I enjoy it, I’m going to keep doing it.”

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