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BVSD graduation rate dips to 90.8 percent, district continues to outpace state average

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Randy Barber

On Tuesday January 14, the Colorado Department of Education released this year’s graduation and drop out rates for districts across the state. 

After years of small increases, the Boulder Valley School District reported a slightly lower graduation rate in 2019. 

BVSD's 4-year on-time graduation rate came in at 90.8% in 2019, down from 92.1% in 2018. Meanwhile, the district’s dropout rate increased from 0.6% in 2018 to 0.8% in 2019, with the number of dropouts increasing from 100 to 123.

BVSD continues to outpace the state average of 81.1% in 2019 (the state average increased by 0.4%) and our comprehensive high schools remained relatively steady – with several registering slight increases this year.  

The biggest decreases were registered at BVSD’s alternative education campuses, particularly Arapahoe Ridge High School and Boulder Prep and in groups that we have already identified as needing additional assistance– including students who are Hispanic, receive federal lunch assistance, and those who are disabled. 

“Any time our results are not improving it signals that we have work to do,” said Superintendent Rob Anderson. “This further validates the importance of BVSD’s Strategic Plan, All Together for All Students, which is focused heavily on reducing the disparities in achievement that we continue to see.”

The 2019 graduation and drop out rates, as well as this year’s CMAS tests will be used as a baseline for comparison as the district works to improve moving forward.






School Name


Graduate Rate

Graduate Rate



Arapahoe Ridge High School

53.9% 47.5% -6.4%

Boulder High School

94.6% 94.3% -0.3%

Boulder Universal

88.9% 75% -13.9%

Boulder Prep Charter High School

42.9% 34.5% -8.4%

Broomfield High School

94% 92.8% -1.2%

Centaurus High School

91.6% 92.2% 0.6%

Fairview High School

98.7% 97.6% -1.1%

Justice High Charter School

26.9% 26.3% -0.6%

Monarch High School

96.6% 96.6% 0.0%

New Vista High School

86.8% 87.1% 0.4%

Nederland Middle-Senior High School

63.6% 78.6% 14.9%

Peak to Peak Charter School

97.8% 100% 2.2%


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