Boulder Valley School District

BVSD holds learning summits in effort to achieve greater collaboration and student success

Randy Barber

Administrators at Boulder Valley School District are coming together with one mission in mind: student success. On Nov. 3 they tried a new way of achieving that: To think as a student. 

The newly formed group of administrators rewrote the mission and vision, with subgroups thinking as 3rd, 6th and 9th graders. Statements were simple, bold, and at the heart of learning and well being.

“My group was charged with thinking through the frame of mind of 9th graders, and we boiled it down to ‘We care, You matter,’” said Brigitte Mutter, Assistant Director Research and Assessment. 

Samantha Messier, the interim assistant superintendent of Instructional Leadership and Equity organized the event to give administrators in different instructional departments an opportunity to connect. 

“Our leadership was craving an opportunity to connect and better understand the work that they are doing to serve BVSD students,” Messier said. 

“They left feeling reconnected to their core purpose – toward BVSD’s mission and vision.”

Messier said it was important to reground central office leadership and enhance ways in which they collaborate and communicate with each other. 

“It helped to strengthen those relationships. Relationships are the foundation of all the work we do in the school district,” Messier said.

She noted a study that looked at factors that correlated with student achievement. The study showed trust and communication among educators and leadership was critical.

“For me, the most exciting part of this work is to see the power of collaboration,” said Executive Director of Elementary School Leadership Robbyn Fernandez. 

”By working together we can quickly and effectively improve experiences that kids have in our schools every day.” 

The group plans to continue with the summits during the 2017-18 school year.  

“We’re investing in cultivating a culture that helps us be our best selves. Because our kids need us to be our best selves everyday,” Messier said.


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