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BVSD launches new website

BVSD launches new website
Randy Barber

In this day and age, it seems like companies and organizations launch new websites every other day. Well, you will have to pardon our excitement, because after a decade the Boulder Valley School District has a new website.

That’s right, BVSD’s last website launched in 2008.

This week’s launch, is a big milestone not only because it is a new era for BVSD – but because it is the culmination of more than a year’s work to gather feedback from parents, employees and community members and to then make big changes in our digital communications.

New, Modern Design
The new website brings a fresh look to the Boulder Valley School District, providing new avenues for us to share news and information with our students, parents, employees and community members. 

Additionally, it is easy for staff to edit, something that we heavily considered, knowing that the next phase will be bringing the tool to our schools, for their websites.

Mobile First
A lot has changed in 10 years. We know that most people are now accessing our website from their smartphones and other mobile devices. As a result, we have focused on providing information easily in this format.

Improved Search and Navigation
Finding material on the website is a snap, thanks to the improved search and navigation. If you still prefer the good old-fashioned A-to-Z, it is easy to find in the About section - plus we now have a site map.

Plus, we know a lot of people are typically looking for log-in information, so we've grouped the links on an Apps page.

BVSD believes in providing an inclusive environment for our students and families in our schools – and online. Ensuring the content is accessible for those with disabilities, as well as those who speak Spanish was top of mind.

The focus of the website is on new and existing parents and community members. 

We’ve developed topical sections around aspects of school life that make sense to parents: 

Everything to do with a student's learning

Beyond the School Day
Athletics, activities, School Age Care and more

Contact Us
We want to hear from you. Find key numbers and emails, as well as our policy for handling issues (typically we ask parents to start at the school-level) on our Contact Us page.

Financial Transparency
BVSD is committed to responsibly managing the precious resources our taxpayers have provided to our students. Learn about the district’s finances.

Get Involved
We encourage parents to get involved in their child’s education. Learn how to support your child, volunteer in their classroom and advocate for their needs

Health, Wellness and Prevention
How we care for the whole child, including their physical, mental and environmental health

Help for Students
Useful resources whether your student just needs a helping hand or is in crisis

Our plan for emergencies and your role

Resources for staff are being moved to an intranet space, which will be developed over the course of the school year, with their feedback.

Updated branding
You may also notice that it isn’t just our web presence that has changed a bit.

After feedback from stakeholders, including employees and parents -- we decided on a slight modernization of our district mark. It still represents a student with a book.

We heard you!
The selection of this tool, the design of the website and our future phases are a direct result of feedback compiled in the Digital Communication Strategy for Boulder Valley School District. The report provided five guiding themes:

Theme 1
Find the best ways to connect with users

Theme 2
Think holistically about communication

Theme 3
Establish governance and protocols

Theme 4
Use the right technology for the right purpose

Theme 5
Empower the schools

The next phase of the project is focused on schools. Our goal is to provide them with a powerful and easy-to-use website tool, that builds upon the content created at the district-level.

We have worked hard to deliver more than a website – an online hub for our families and communities. Compliments and suggestions for improvement are welcome at


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