Boulder Valley School District

BVSD Professional Learning helps teachers and staff keep learning

Randy Barber

“When my children were early elementary learners, they used to believe that their teachers actually lived in the school,” said Maureen Keeney, Communications Specialist for BVSD Professional Learning.  “The school was their home and each day when my girls came home, they believed the teachers had tucked themselves in for the night in their classrooms. What a surprise for them to learn that teachers have homes and lives of their own!”

Our dedicated educators may not “live” at their schools, but one thing is for certain – they spend hours as lifelong learners, continually dedicating themselves to their craft. All BVSD employees are given the opportunity to continue learning through the vision of BVSD’s Professional Learning Department.

“At the bottom of our decisions is what is best for students, and we do this through exploring areas where we need to grow and learn as a district and then provide learning in those areas,” said Mary Jo Bode, Director of Professional Learning for BVSD.

Four years ago, through the generous donation of a community member, the Professional Learning program took flight and committed their work to provide meaningful and targeted support for staff to better meet the learning needs of all students.  Mary Jo’s team serves 4200 employees with a multitude of learning options and support. Professional Learning manages a system that hosts a myriad of course opportunities for every BVSD staff member to grow in their knowledge and skills.

Here are examples of the many courses offered:  

  • learn, practice, and plan for teaching curriculum materials
  • support student social/emotional needs
  • provide math and literacy innovative practices to support active and engaged student learning
  • explore communications styles and building effective teams
  • onboard new staff to gain support and district knowledge as they join BVSD
  • develop family partnerships
  • enhance problem solving and time management skills

It does not stop there! With a passion for continuous improvement, Professional Learning has increased the opportunities for all employees each year. The team has also established meaningful partnerships with BVSD departments as well as several community organizations to continue to expand programming. Learning opportunities never sleep at BVSD!


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