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Coronavirus Updates and School Reinstated for March 19

Coronavirus Updates and School Reinstated for March 19
Carolyn Nohe

School reinstated on Thursday, March 19

We learned tonight that the Colorado Education Association is canceling their Day of Action and March, as a precaution due to concerns around spreading coronavirus. 

As a result, we are planning to reinstate school on Thursday, March 19. We intend to be open and operating on a normal schedule that day, following this development. Every day of instruction is important, even more so given the current uncertainty.


Today, Governor Jared Polis declared a state of emergency for the state of Colorado. In particular, this will open up access to additional resources and give the state legal flexibility to take proactive steps to contain the spread of Coronavirus. 

It does not necessarily signal a significant change in the situation. At this time Boulder County still does not have a confirmed case of coronavirus. We continue, with our partners in public health, to monitor the situation and are prepared to take action, if warranted. Our work is informed by our pandemic plan, factual information and the best guidance from our experts. This situation will likely change quickly. If confirmed cases of community transmission are identified in the Denver metro area, we are prepared to take additional actions to reduce nonessential travel, events, and activities.

See our Coronavirus webpage for all updates.

At this time, despite the new declaration, field trips within the state will continue. Unlike our out-of-state and international trips, which were restricted yesterday – students traveling within the state are not at risk of being quarantined at a location far from home and family. If, however, you are not comfortable with your student going on a trip, please talk to your teacher or principal.

Board of Education passes coronavirus resolution

This evening the Boulder Valley School District Board of Education passed a resolution that helps to prepare the ground for next steps, in the event that the coronavirus (COVID-19) becomes a pandemic in our area.

The resolution was approved unanimously and included this statement:

“BVSD Board of Education recognizes its role in protecting public health and urges our broader community to take action to be informed, to protect ourselves, to stay healthy, and to treat others with kindness during this challenging time.”

Here some specifics from the resolution:

Learning to continue. If you are sick, stay home

Staff and students who have symptoms should stay home. While schools are open, BVSD encourages noncontagious students and staff to continue learning and working.

Absences to prevent illness will not be penalized

Parents who wish to keep their children home for up to two weeks as a preventative measure will not be penalized. Absences will be counted as excused, with notification by a parent/guardian (without a note from a healthcare provider). Schools and teachers shall work with students in the spirit of Board Policy JH and JH-R, Student Attendance consistent with this Resolution.

Parents/guardians who plan to keep healthy children out of school beyond a two-week period should explore options for homeschooling.

Students will have a minimum of two days after returning to school per missed day to make up assignments and exams. If students are absent for an extended period of time, they are encouraged to complete work while they are absent to the extent they are able. Prolonged absences or inadequate progress in the curriculum may make it difficult for students to earn credits or advance grade levels.

Learning during an extended school or district closure

In the event a school or the School District is closed for more than two weeks, the School District will implement “E-Learning Days” and “Distance Learning Days”.

These days are defined as instruction delivered digitally or through written materials, by BVSD instructional staff, and aligned with student standards. Such instruction may include:

  • Lessons and materials made available through Schoology

  • Online learning tools (iReady, Reading Plus, Math XL, etc)

  • Video conferencing available through district provided resources (Google Hangouts and Schoology’s WeVideo)

  • Instructional telephone calls

  • Homework packets

  • Email communications

At the secondary level, the BVSD 1:Web program means most students have district-issued devices. BVSD will work with secondary students who do not have access to a device at home or through BVSD. Alternatively, students may complete work without using technology. 

At the elementary level, students will primarily complete work and activities provided without technology, though supplemental activities may be available through technology. Families are encouraged to have their students read every day and practice grade level math.

BVSD will collaborate with families for the needs of students with disabilities, endeavoring to maintain the integrity of students’ IEPs. If students are not able to receive their IEP services for an extended period of time, BVSD will conduct individualized determinations about the need for compensatory education services.

Student attendance will be recorded and calculated by minimum lesson/unit completion requirements.

BVSD will seek appropriate waivers from state and federal education agencies, if necessary.

Be kind to others

The Board of Education reaffirmed its commitment to protecting all students from the harmful effects of bullying and harassment based on race and national origin, including bullying and harassment that arises due to fear about possible exposure to disease. 

Remote Instruction Survey

In order to prepare to provide instruction remotely, BVSD is preparing a survey for families, which will help us to better understand the resources available to our students at home. The goal will be for the district to provide additional support, where needed, so students can continue to learn during any possible extended closure.


Unfortunately, we are hearing that rumors are being spread in Boulder County about coronavirus. We encourage everyone to continue to check these websites for the latest factual information: 

Colorado Public Health and Environment
CDPHE COVID-19 Cases: Fast Facts
Centers for Disease Control

Boulder County Public Health

Broomfield Public Health and Environment


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