Boulder Valley School District

Extending Learning Beyond the Bell

Randy Barber

Bear Creek Elementary does an outstanding job teaching core curriculum between the bells. Outside the school day, enrichment programs offered through BVSD’s Community Schools give students invaluable life skills and camaraderie with their classmates.  

“When you tap into kids’ passions and interests, they gain confidence, learn problem solving skills and overcome challenges - all in the name of fun,” Principal Kent Cruger said. “Plus, programs that start right after school don’t require any extra planning or transportation for parents.” 

The success of Bear Creek after-school programs builds on itself as kids try new classes and invite their friends. As a result, 38 percent of the students at the school participate in Lifelong Learning classes like Little Pediatricians, Sticky Fingers Cooking and Mountain Lions Track. 

From a parent’s perspective, enrichment classes allow their kids to explore new activities and subjects and build new friendships. 

“At first he only wanted to do activities his friends were doing, and now he has built confidence to do what he is interested in without knowing a friend,” Bear Creek mom Trisha said. “It has also provided a forum to get to know an age range of friends at school. It’s so fun to watch him show off his hula hoop and ukulele skills at home.”

Another program that augments the school day at Bear Creek is Kindergarten Enrichment (KE). By extending kindergartners’ school days from half to full, kids build social skills and creativity to help with the transition to first grade. Bear Creek has embraced this successful model with 94 perfect of their kindergartners enrolled in KE.

The Bear Creek staff and parent community fully support extracurricular activities as a way to provide kids with tangible experiences in a safe environment. You can see the effect as you walk down the halls filled with vibrant and engaged kids looking forward to their next after-school adventure.

For more information on BVSD Lifelong Learning visit or call 720-561-5968. For Kindergarten Enrichment information visit or call 720-561-5970.


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