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Alex Medler
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Alex Medler joined the BVSD Board of Education in December 2023, bringing with him 32 years of experience advocating for education. 

His professional path has been diverse, spanning roles in research, policy development, and advocacy. Notably, Medler played a pivotal role in shaping charter school policies - working closely with state and federal agencies to ensure that all children have access to quality education regardless of their background. He holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Colorado Boulder where he also taught undergrad Political Science courses. 

Medler brings to the board a strong commitment to social justice and believes in making education more inclusive and equitable. 

“I came to education policy as a way to advance social justice,” expressed Medler. “For me, it's part of an effort to ensure that everyone feels empowered to control what they do with their life and that they have the options to be successful.”

“Education in America, historically, has not done that very well for lots of people. I’ve been motivated throughout my career to figure out how we make sure that the benefits of a strong education go to all kids and not just those who might have access to it because of affluence or privilege,” said Medler. 

“In the charter school world, I've spent a lot of time making sure kids with disabilities have access to charter schools and that the charter schools and districts work together so that once kids apply, they know that they'll get the services they need.”

Medler's professional background includes working with organizations such as the Education Commission of the States, the Colorado Children’s Campaign, the National Association of Charter School Authorizers, the National Charter Schools Resource Center, and the U.S. Department of Education. 

He founded the Colorado Association of Charter School Authorizers and currently serves as the Executive Director of the National Network for District Authorizing, supporting 10 states with charter school applications and oversight practices.

Medler's involvement extends beyond professional realms; he is deeply embedded in his community. As a resident of Boulder since 1992 (with a few of those years in DC), Medler and his family have actively engaged in the BVSD system. His children attended Boulder schools (they are both now in college) and his wife previously served in a leadership role on the District Accountability Committee (DAC) for several years. Advocacy for education runs in the family; his wife works at the Colorado Department of Education as the Executive Director of Accountability and Continuous Improvement. 

Medler decided to run for the board because he felt his experience, professional background and connection to the community could help make a difference. His key motivation lies in advancing BVSD's efforts in long-term planning, equitable funding and support for all students.

“I have spent a lot of my time professionally helping evaluate whether schools are doing well on multiple levels,” shared Medler. “I know that we aren't doing as well as we could on the achievement and opportunity gaps, but I support what we are doing and I want to do more.”

“I’m also motivated to make sure we support our LGBTQ work and our support for trans kids and their families. But the real thing driving me is that I believe if we make the district more curious about how it's doing and what we know about what we're doing, then all sorts of other things will improve because of it.” 

“If you think it's great that you have 80% of the kids performing at grade level, the next question is, what's going on with the other 20%?”, said Medler. “I would like the district, four or eight years from now, to say we're really curious, we use our data and input from families, students and teachers to drive our decision-making and it's not done in a vacuum.”

“So it's really sort of a change management process the way I look at it. How do we make as much progress as we can? Where do we need it and for whom do we need it the most while still maintaining the things that people love about our district?”, Medler added.

He expressed how delighted he is to serve in an official capacity for BVSD and says this board will make great progress. 

“Our board is really strong,” Medler said. ”I think we have the basis of a really high functioning board that can be a great partner to this district. I think we will be able to support the district in many ways. I feel really good about it.”

Beyond his professional endeavors, Medler finds solace in music. In fact, you might find him in Boulder playing harmonica or guitar with his Americana/Bluegrass band. As empty nesters, he and his wife enjoy nurturing long-term friendships within the community, going to the mountains, gardening and taking care of their dog, cat, seven chickens and 15 goldfish. 

Have a question or feedback for Alex? You can reach him via email at  To contact all seven board members (as well as the superintendent and the board secretary), email Contact information for all members of the BVSD Board of Education can be found on the BVSD Board webpage.


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