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Get to know Board Member Kitty Sargent

Kitty Sargent
Jodie Carroll


BVSD Board of Education member Kitty Sargent embarked on a diverse career journey that eventually led her back to her passion for education. Beginning as a special education teacher, she briefly became a stockbroker at Merrill Lynch before returning to teaching. Taking a hiatus to raise her children, she later pursued graduate studies and transitioned into social work, specializing in child abuse prevention at Blue Sky Bridge. Her path then led her to community outreach at the Outreach United Resource Center (OUR) Center in Longmont.

Upon retiring, Sargent found an opportunity to serve children once more by joining the BVSD Board. Motivated by her deep affinity for working with children and her understanding of the challenges faced by educators, she aimed to support both teachers and students. 

“I have always had a strong affinity for working with children, either with them or on their behalf,” shared Sargent. “That's why I decided to run. Having been a teacher, I understand their job. I have a real sympathy for teachers. I want to do everything I can to make their job the best it can be and to give them the best support that we can.”

In her first year as a board member she participated in the search process that resulted in the hiring of Dr. Rob Anderson. “That was an intense process, and I told Dr. Anderson he couldn’t leave BVSD before my two terms end.” 

Over her seven years on the board, she has advocated for many initiatives, such as later start times for high school students, recognizing the detrimental effects of early schedules on teenagers’ well-being.

“I wanted to see later start times, especially for high school students, because the research has been around since my 35-year-old daughter was in high school that early start times are bad for teenagers,” expressed Sargent.

With her term soon coming to an end in December 2025, Sargent remains committed to refining the district's policies, particularly regarding cell phone usage and fundraising. 

“I would like to revisit the cell phone policy. We’re seeing more and more kids with mental health issues and social media has had such a huge impact. And then the pandemic on top of that, it really has me concerned. It is a problem all over the country, not just BVSD,” said Sargent.

“Another policy I’d like to revisit is our policy that states that when schools raise over $10,000 they need to give 10% of it to the district to be distributed to schools with high rates of children qualifying for free and reduced lunch. I don’t think that is enough. Areas with high poverty are not able to raise this much money and I’d like to see more support for them. I want to find a balance.”

Sargent emphasizes the broader issue of education funding in Colorado, advocating for higher compensation for teachers and staff, and highlighting the need to value education at all levels. She supported the recent approval of board pay, recognizing the importance of compensating members for their time and effort, especially for those who cannot afford to volunteer extensively.

Outside of her board duties, Sargent enjoys reading, solving puzzles, singing and spending time with Maisie and Simon, her furry babies. 

Have a question or feedback for Kitty? You can reach her via email at To contact all seven board members (as well as the superintendent and the board secretary), email Contact information for all members of the BVSD Board of Education can be found on the BVSD Board webpage.


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