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Happy Summer Break!

flowers outside school
Carolyn Nohe

Dear Boulder Valley Families,

Today, students and teachers will be saying their good-byes, but it won’t be like any last day of school that any of us have ever experienced. In this era of COVID-19, there will be no hugs and those tearful moments will be held, not in the classroom, but through digital screens. 

The pandemic has really hampered many of the fun, end-of-the-year activities that our students look forward to and it really isn’t the same if you can’t give your teacher a hug on the last day of classes. Still, our community has come together, finding new, unique and safe ways to gather and celebrate our students and to celebrate the close of this unforgettable school year.

Be sure to give your student a hug for us and congratulate them on making it through the school year.

I want to thank our outstanding teachers and staff for their work this year, both before and during the pandemic.

Thank you to our students for adapting to the situation and this new way of learning. They are always such a great example to all of us of how to be resilient and creative in the face of new challenges.

Finally, thank you to our families. We know that home learning would not have been possible without your support. Thank you for the love, support and, at times, prodding that kept them learning during this unusual time.

Today, BVSD is kicking off its first-ever Family Appreciation Week. Thank you for everything you do to support your children and all of our students every day and especially during this crisis.

I am incredibly proud of how Boulder Valley School District came together as a community – All Together for All Students. It isn’t just the name of our strategic plan – it is the heart of this community.

As we finish the school year, please know that my team will continue to work into the summer, preparing for August. Together, we will be ready to face whatever comes our way – and you can expect us to connect with you regularly during break with updates on our planning, ways we are addressing concerns around Home Learning and, as we near the new school year, what you can expect to see when students return to school. Look for our next message next week.

Thank you for your continued support and patience. 


Happy Summer Break!

Rob Anderson
Boulder Valley School District




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