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Rob Anderson

Dear Boulder Valley Families,

This week we welcomed back the last wave of students for in-person learning. It has been great to see students back in our buildings, getting direct support from their teachers, interacting with their friends, and simply being kids again.

We are, however, tracking some concerning data when it comes to COVID-19 cases in our community and state. You can see the update provided by Boulder County and Broomfield County public health departments during last night’s Board of Education meeting by CLICKING HERE

Both shared that tighter restrictions may be necessary, if this trend continues and as a result all of us together are asking for everyone to help us #StayTogetherBVSD.


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Help us #StayTogetherBVSD

It will take all of us working together to keep our schools open. Please consider taking the following actions:


  1. Stay home if you feel ill - many positive cases report having very minor symptoms (headache, congestion, a scratchy throat).

  2. Limit interactions outside of your household

  3. If you do have to venture out:

    1. Wear face coverings

    2. Socially distance, whenever possible

    3. Wash your hands often

Many of the cases that we are seeing at our buildings have largely been related to social gatherings and activities outside of school  – both for children and adults. This is especially concerning knowing that the holidays are coming up – including Halloween on Saturday.

Please consider limiting personal gatherings and remember, under the current public health orders, personal gatherings must be 10 people or less, involving no more than two households.

Here are some tips provided by our partners at Broomfield’s department of Public Health and Environment:

Choose the safest options:

  • Outdoor gatherings are generally safer than indoor gatherings.
  • Smaller groups are generally safer than larger groups. 
  • Shorter gatherings are generally safer than longer gatherings.
  • It’s safer to gather with people who consistently wear masks, keep physical distance, and follow other prevention recommendations.

Broomfield’s Halloween Safety Tips
Boulder County Public Health: Guide to Halloween during COVID-19

Next Steps for BVSD

As you know, increasing COVID cases in our community do impact our schools. The good news is that even though we are seeing more illness and positive cases, we have not seen significant spread within our classrooms or schools.  But, every class that we quarantine has a large ripple effect on staffing and our ability to keep schools open.

In fact, today we announced that Boulder High School and Eisenhower Elementary will be closed for a couple weeks, because their teacher and support staff ranks are depleted to a point where we cannot safely operate school.

Knowing the importance of in-person learning for many of our students, we are doing everything possible to keep our buildings open as long as it is safely possible. I would expect that we will continue to have spot closures, because of situations dealing with both COVID-19 and staffing.

Additionally, we remain in close contact with our partners in public health. As has been the case from the beginning, we will follow their expert advice. Our Back Together BVSD reintroduction plan is flexible to meet all of these scenarios. We will work to keep you updated, but would urge families to do everything they can to help us #StayTogetherBVSD and to be ready for the possibility that we may have to move schools or the entire district to remote learning.  

As always, BVSD will continue to work to meet our families needs.

Please stay tuned. We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

Rob Anderson
Boulder Valley School District



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