High school bell times finalized

School Start Times
Randy Barber

Following input sessions at each high school, the Boulder Valley School District has finalized next fall’s high school bell schedules.

Beginning August 2019, neighborhood high school bell times will be

8:30/8:35 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.



Bell Times

Boulder HS

8:30/35 - 3:45

Broomfield HS

8:30/8:35 - 3:45

Centaurus HS

8:30/8:35 - 3:45

Fairview HS

8:30/35 - 3:45

Monarch HS

8:30/8:35 - 3:45

Nederland M/Sr HS

8:30/35 - 3:45

The schedule will ensure that high school students will be in alignment with recommendations of sleep researchers. Numerous sleep studies show that most teenagers experience changes in their circadian rhythms, prompting them to wake and fall asleep on a later schedule and require more sleep than younger kids and adults.

While most students and parents at the input sessions understood the value of the late start, there were concerns regarding the impacts of a later end time. As a result, BVSD worked with schools and transportation to move up the dismissal time to 3:45 p.m. This will give students more time to get home or participate in athletics and activities before it gets dark

Traffic concerns at some of the schools have also prompted changes in bell schedules at the following schools in the vicinity:


Bell Times

Broomfield Heights MS

8:45 to 3:45

Monarch K-8

8:00 - 3:00

Nederland Elem

8:30 to 3:30

Southern Hills MS

8:15 - 3:15


The district is also working with our partners in the community to work through other concerns. For instance, RTD has already agreed to adjust its bus schedules to meet our new bell schedules.

Additionally, the district is requesting an allocation of additional funds in next school year’s budget to provide impacted high schools more flexibility so that they can meet the needs in their specific school communities. For instance, each building will be looking at providing supervised programs before and after school, so that students can have a warm and safe place to be – as well as additional opportunities for learning and growth.



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