Boulder Valley School District

How families can prepare for a snow day

Stock photo of snows covered by snow.
Randy Barber

We always encourage everyone to be prepared for emergencies. Snow days are no different. By taking a few moments now, you will be ready if BVSD has a delay or closure.

BVSD is committed to providing information about delays and closures. Families are encouraged to ensure their contact information is up-to-date, their preferences are properly set and they’ve opted in to receive text messaging.

Arrange childcare
Whether there is a delayed start, a closure or a child needs to be picked up early from school – we encourage families to have a few trusted friends or family members who can watch children during an emergency. Be sure to add their names as emergency contacts – so they have the ability to pick your child up, if you are unavailable.

Prepare for winter driving
Snow and ice are to be expected during Colorado winters. Ensuring you and your vehicle are ready for the conditions is essential, as is taking it extremely slowly and cautiously.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a great resource to help drivers prepare for winter conditions.

Consider alternative transportation options
If you do not feel comfortable driving when there is snow or ice, you might consider alternative options including public transportation or other, more experienced, drivers.

MORE INFORMATION: Check out our Weather Delays and Closure page for more information.


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