Boulder Valley School District

How YOU can support student learning

Randy Barber

Designing their own school playground. Exploring alternative energy for their communities. Raising money for local food banks to support families in need. These are examples of project based and experiential learning  that BVSD students have engaged in through their schools in the past year. An important component of these projects is engaging with an authentic audience and learning from the experts around us in the community. Whether it’s having a government employee visiting the classroom, going on a field trip to a science research center, or having parents and experts on a evaluation panel, these interactions bring their learning to a higher level and show students that their ideas can have an impact outside their classrooms.

“Involving our parents, community and local businesses helps us to provide students with an authentic connection to the real world in their learning,” said Kiffany Lychock, BVSD Director of Educational Innovations. “It also empowers our students to support our local community in a variety of ways. It gives really important academic content (English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Music, Art, etc) a context or why. This helps our students to understand that what they are doing in their classroom truly matters in the real world.”

Would you be willing to share your expertise to engage with students in your home school or with the broader BVSD community? Share your information with us to help us create a directory of experts in a variety of fields to help support student learning.


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