Boulder Valley School District

 It’s now easier than ever — and pays — to become a substitute teacher in BVSD

Randy Barber

The Boulder Valley School District is now offering a $250 signing bonus for individuals who become substitute teachers before the end of the year, plus we have streamlined the application process, making it an easy decision to join the BVSD team.

Shorter, streamlined application for substitutes

The district has shortened its application form for substitute teacher candidates after receiving feedback from applicants, including eliminating the requirement to upload transcripts.

$250 Signing Bonus
Substitute teachers who join the Boulder Valley School District by December 31, 2021 will be eligible for a $250 sign-on bonus, upon the completion of orientation. The bonus will be paid on the employee’s next monthly paycheck.

This is on top of other efforts to incentivize substituting in BVSD. Teachers that agree to long term substitute positions get paid more, plus any substitute that works on Fridays (when our need is the greatest) gets paid $200.

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Learn more about substitute teaching on the Colorado Department of Education website.


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