Let's Talk Education #2: Social-Emotional and Academic Support

Let's Talk Education
Carolyn Nohe

While everyone is adjusting to working in the virtual world, our counselors and student support team especially have been trying to make sure they are connecting with students who need extra support.

“BVSD has a tremendous village that has to come together to support students, says Tammy Lawrence, Director of Student Support. “ Our counselors have been providing resources for learning menu  ideas for parents for keeping students happy and healthy in their new learning environments.” 

The team wants all parents to know that they and their students can reach out to their school counselor if they need some support. Counselors are available and have been touching base with individual students and families who they had been meeting with before going virtual.

As we wrap up Week 2 of Home Learning counselors are looking to expand their reach and get back into the support structures they used to have before school buildings closed. Whether that’s small groups, classroom visits, collaborative lessons with classroom teachers, bringing that back for students to practice social-emotional skills to learn to adjust to this new normal.

If you or someone in your family is experiencing a crisis please call Colorado Crisis Services at: 1-844-493-TALK (8255) or text Text “TALK” to 38255 for free confidential support 24/7.



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