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Let's Talk Education #3: Public Health

Let's Talk Education
Carolyn Nohe

Special Guest Jeff Zaydach from Boulder County Health provided some great tips for staying healthy and safe during this Stay-at-Home time.

  • Stay at home as much as possible

  • If you get groceries/packages delivered or picked up you should do the following

    • Handle wearing gloves

    • Put them all out on the counter and wipe down with wipes

    • Take gloves off and then put items in cabinets

  • Always wear a cloth face covering when leaving the house.

    • Don’t touch the face covering while wearing

    • When you get home remove it using gloves if possible or from the back first. 

    • Put the mask immediately in the wash

    • Have 2 or 3 masks so you always have one clean and available

  • Wash your hands often and keep hands off your face

  • Get outside, but stay close to home. Don’t go to crowded trailheads. Keep social distance


Our Health Services team has been closely collaborating with Boulder County Public Health throughout all this time. They are working with our Food Services and Childcare teams to ensure all safety protocols are followed. All essential workers have masks and take their temperature on site at buildings.


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