Boulder Valley School District

New superintendent ‘couldn’t be more excited’ to come to Boulder Valley

Randy Barber

Boulder Valley School District’s new superintendent, Dr. Rob Anderson, is expected to officially begin in a little more than a month – on July 1. Last week, in preparation of his arrival, he was back in town, along with his wife and children.

“I brought my family out last week to start getting to know the Boulder Valley area,” Anderson said. “The moment when my kids looked west and first saw the mountains is a moment I will never forget. They were so excited and didn’t want to go home. That just lets me know that our family has made the right choice. We are excited and can’t wait to get out there.”

Since being selected for the job in March, Anderson has been doing double duty. While finishing the school year at Fulton County Schools, attending to graduations and other year-end activities, he has been spending every spare moment learning as much as he can about BVSD.

“There are things that make Boulder Valley great, different and unique. I certainly want to learn everything I can,” Anderson said.

During his recent visit, he had the opportunity to meet with the Board of Education and hear their thoughts.

“There is a great energy around moving the district forward around its priorities of Excellence and Equity,” Anderson said. I look forward to working with them to really understand the district and then set the vision for the district moving forward.”

Knowing he has a lot of people to meet, Anderson plans to hit the ground running in July. During the first months he hopes to meet as many people as possible.

“I am as excited as they are to get to know one another and to get to understand the things that have been going really well in the district, as well as the problems that we need to work together to solve. I understand that is the case in all school districts,” Anderson said. “My commitment is to work together with the community, with our team, to solve problems together.”\

Anderson said he comes with no predetermined plans. He looks forward to building a strategic vision and direction for the district after hearing from BVSD’s stakeholders.

“As people get to know me, I think they will get to understand that certainly I will have some thoughts and ideas, but when it comes to plans for improvement – those are things that we will do together,” Anderson added. “I’m coming to the district ready to listen and learn.”

This fall there will be engagement opportunities for all stakeholders – including students, staff, families and community members – all of which will be outlined in 100-Day Plan that Dr. Anderson is currently working on.

While he can’t wait to meet everyone this fall, he is wishing everyone a great summer.

“Summer is a great time to reflect on our work and recharge our batteries for the upcoming year. I hope that everyone has a wonderful summer,” Anderson said.


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