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Our People are Our Strength: Staff Profile Amela Aljkanović

picture of Amela Aljkanović
Maria Mondragon Silva

Amela Aljkanović, Conference Center Technician for the Education Center has been an integral part of the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) for over a decade. The Ed Center serves as the central hub for training sessions and meetings for staff, district leadership, the board of education, and sometimes external clients. This role requires meticulous attention to detail and thorough understanding of each room. Aljkanović makes a world of difference to BVSD, ensuring that events and meetings at the Ed Center run smoothly and efficiently, and contributing to the district’s overall success and sense of community.

A Journey of Resilience
From a young age, Aljkanović learned to be resilient and face challenges head-on. Born in Bosnia, her life changed dramatically during the conflict in Herzegovina. Her family was relocated to a safe city for a few years and lived in refugee camps. In 2000, her family sought refuge in Quebec, Canada. Adapting to a new life and culture, Aljkanović reflects on these formative experiences as crucial to her personal growth. "I had to learn a new language, French, which has no similarities to Bosnian," she recalls.

After getting married, Aljkanović moved to Colorado, where she found a supportive Bosnian community. Despite the challenge of learning yet another language, she bravely taught herself English. A lifelong learner, she shares, "I watched TV, practiced by speaking to others only in English, and worked a retail job to be exposed to different people."

A BVSD Connection
In 2014, Aljkanović found her way to BVSD after hearing about job opportunities from her husband, who was working at Nederland Middle Senior High School. She worked in various positions, from custodial to food services, at Heatherwood Elementary, Broomfield Heights Middle School, Centaurus High School, and Fairview High School. Through dedication and a willingness to tackle challenges, Aljkanović quickly evolved within the district. In 2016, she began working at the BVSD Education Center and her role later evolved to Conference Center Technician.

Aljkanović is a key member of the team, handling everything from food and beverage services to audiovisual needs, room setups, and special requests. Time management is paramount for Aljkanović; she expertly manages scheduling, ensuring that each room's size and setup match the specific needs of meetings or training sessions. She often rearranges meetings to make sure everyone has the right space.

“Amela is a tremendous asset to the district and to the Education Center, ”said Rob Price, BVSD Assistant Superintendent of Operational Services. “Her collaborative efforts with others for continuous improvement ensure that we consistently provide the best experience possible.”

Board of Education Meetings
BVSD Board meetings are among the most important events at the Ed Center, requiring flawless arrangements to ensure they can be broadcast live each week. This requires lots of preparation to guarantee everything runs smoothly. From setting up the room for board members and the community, to checking cameras, microphones, AV systems, and virtual conference calls, Aljkanović handles it all. 

“I enjoy working with different types of people and ensuring they have everything they need to complete their training or meetings. Knowing I’m a part of the process that makes everything flow gives me a great sense of fulfillment,” says Aljkanović.

Laura Shafer, Executive Secretary to the Superintendent and Board of Education says Aljkanović’s extensive work setting up board meetings each week does not go unnoticed.

“Amela has taken it upon herself to learn and become an expert about the machinations of the board room,” said Shafer. “She instantly troubleshoots issues and I couldn't do it without her skill, knowledge, and attention to detail.” 

An impressively responsive employee
Despite her demanding job, Aljkanović finds time to learn new things and enjoy the moment. Her role requires juggling many tasks, but she remains curious and eager to improve. Aljkanović values her daily interactions, especially with the Transition students who help her organize supplies in the Ed Center kitchens. 

“It gives me joy to see that this small task gives them so much happiness,” Aljkanović says.

“Aljkanović exemplifies an impressively responsive employee, balancing the needs of various groups with calmness, thoughtfulness, and a smile.” shared Katie Mills, Director of Professional Development. “She is truly a gift to BVSD.”

Outside of work, Aljkanović enjoys gardening and cooking, finding peace and creativity in these activities. Her connection to the district is even deeper because her children attend BVSD schools. This personal tie gives her an even greater sense of dedication and pride in her work, knowing that she is contributing to the same community that supports her family.


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