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Our People are Our Strength Staff Profile: Jason Garcia

Jason Garcia stands in front of BVSD building
Maria Silva

In the Boulder Valley School District, our people are our strength. And we’re especially grateful to our facilities employees who have made a career out of making sure our buildings are safe for students and staff. 

Jason Garcia has been a part of BVSD for almost 10 years. He began as a school custodian before transitioning into the Facilities department, where he is now the lead HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning) technician.

Impressively Responsive Service
HVAC systems control the overall climate of a building and help maintain indoor air quality. Garcia's job is to ensure that all district sites and building systems HVAC are operating properly to provide safe and healthy learning and working environments, while also safeguarding efficiency and sustainability. 

“HVAC is crucial in maintaining a comfortable and safe environment for students and staff and I take pride in that work,” said Garcia. 

Carey Jensen, BVSD’s Director of Facilities, says that Garcia continues to exemplify impressively responsive service in everything that he does.

“Whether it's an after-hours service call, staff request, or district emergency, Jason is there to provide whatever assistance is needed. He is always professional, thorough, and a problem solver,” said Jensen. “I can count on him to deliver results and get the job done, he's definitely an asset to the Maintenance Department”. 

Garcia credits the teamwork of his fellow staff members for all of the amazing work that gets done across the district. 

“It’s not a “me” thing,” said Garcia. “It’s very much a team effort, not only in HVAC, but in Facilities in general. We’re a close knit group of people who share the same goal.”

Taking in the views
Summers are the busiest time of year for Garcia and his team. They are filled with large projects, repairs, and ensuring all equipment is working properly for all of BVSD’s buildings. Being able to visit all of BVSD’s 56 schools is one of his favorite parts of the job because of the amazing scenery. 

“We’re very fortunate that so many of our buildings have such beautiful views, and I often get to enjoy them from the roof," said Garcia.

Garcia often finds items on the school roof which he brings down for students. 

“It's always fun to return lost items we find, mostly soccer balls and footballs— sometimes a random lunchbox,” says Garcia. 

Relationships are an important part of the job
Garcia says while for some people, this line of work may seem uninteresting and uneventful, he enjoys that there is never a dull moment in his job. 

Garcia makes an effort to get to know and build relationships with staff at different BVSD sites so he’s never considered a stranger in their building. Engaging with students while working at a school makes his job more meaningful.

“I always think it's fun when the kids are very interested in seeing maintenance work,” says Garcia. “It sparks their imagination and curiosity about what we're doing and what we're working on”.

When reflecting on his nearly decade-long career with BVSD, Garcia says he loves his job. “It’s great to be able to serve the community and the kids.”


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