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Sophomores to choose graduation path during registration

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Randy Barber

In the coming weeks, the Class of 2021 will boldly go where no students have gone before. Current high school sophomores are the first class to face the State of Colorado’s new graduation requirements, which will require students to demonstrate their proficiency in English and Math. During the upcoming course registration, they will be asked to choose from 10 assessments that will be able to show what they have learned.

“There are a lot of options to choose from,” BVSD Assistant Director of Student Support Katie Romero. “Each option aligns with where students are today and where they would like to go after graduation.”

She said tying it to course registration works perfectly, because counselors are already touching base with students to ensure they are on track to meet the credit requirements to graduate. 

“It works in tandem. Counselors are meeting with students and giving them information, they are going into classrooms. They discuss what the students should take in course work so it aligns perfectly,” Romero said. “We have guided counselors and school personnel to remind kids that this is simply an additional graduation requirement – demonstrating the culmination of the skills they have already acquired.”

Since students are required by the State to take the SAT in their junior year, Romero said it is only natural that many students will demonstrate their proficiency through the test.

“It is a good indicator because all juniors are required to take the SAT anyway and it happens to be one of the measurement options,” Romero explained. “If students meet the cut scores for English and Math, they will have demonstrated their proficiency with the SAT, whether or not they have signed up for that option.”

Romero, however, says students can choose from other testing and performance-based assessments

“The state has been very generous in offering students other options if testing might not be a strength for them,” Romero said. “It aligns beautifully with individuals, their needs and interests.” 

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