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Strategic Plan begins to take shape, stakeholders asked to weigh in

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Randy Barber

On the first day after Winter Break, a group of employees representing Boulder Valley School District’s classrooms, schools and departments gathered to help identify the Long-Term Outcomes and Strategic Themes that will be the foundation for BVSD’s new strategic plan. 

“It is so exciting to be here today to begin our new strategic planning process,” said BVSD Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services and Equity Sam Messier.

WATCH VIDEO: BVSD representatives begin work on the new strategic plan

The day began with an analysis of data about the district, as well as stakeholder feedback collected during Superintendent Rob Anderson’s first 100 days.

“Some of that data feels very affirming and something we can celebrate,” Messier said. “Some of the data reiterates to us that we still have work to do. We are not all the way there.”

“We are looking at our data to see what are the patterns and trends and going through a process to address how we can improve our goals for the school district,” said Lafayette Elementary Principal Stephanie Jackman.

The goal of the Strategic Plan is to move the district forward.

“We need to take a step back on a regular basis, every few years or longer, and make sure that we’re on the right path that what we are doing is the right work,” said Broomfield Heights Middle School Principal Chris Meyer. “We must make sure that we are focusing on the right things. Sometimes, that is giving up some of the things we’ve done in the past. Sometimes, that means adding on for the future. Really we need to be introspective and have a community together to make that difference. Today, we felt listened to. This was a really positive, efficient and effective way to make sure that are on track to make the difference that we are all here for.”

“We need to be making sure that we do not get stuck. We must continue to move forward and make sure that we are really focusing on our students and their learning and preparing them for jobs that aren’t even created yet today,” said BVSD Director of IT Project Management Susan Oasheim.

“It is important to be inspired, for us to have one common theme across the district that everyone can gravitate to,” said Angevine Middle School Principal Mike Medina. “One of the members of our group mentioned that at NASA their main focus was to put a man on the moon. Regardless of if you talk to a maintenance worker, if you talk to an engineer or an astronaut -- everybody’s mission and understanding – the common mission across the organization was to put a man on the moon.”

Superintendent Rob Anderson hopes BVSD’s strategic plan will be similarly inspiring to the students, teachers, staff, families and community members of BVSD.

“[This work] is really going to give us an opportunity to create a foundation for this district to make it the absolute best school district in the country,” said Anderson.

Everyone in the district will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the Long-Term Outcomes and Strategic Themes during six sessions in late January and early February:

Broomfield Session
Monday, January 28

Broomfield High School, Library
1 Eagle Way in Broomfield
Employees: 4 p.m.
Parents/Community members: 6 p.m.

In Spanish Session
Wednesday, January 30

BVSD Education Center
6500 Arapahoe Road in Boulder
All stakeholders: 5:30 p.m.

Lafayette Session
Thursday, January 31

Centaurus High School, Innovation Space
10300 W South Boulder Road in Lafayette
Employees: 4 p.m.
Parents/Community members: 6 p.m.

Saturday Session
Saturday, February 2

BVSD Education Center
6500 Arapahoe Road in Boulder
All stakeholders: 9-11 a.m.

Boulder Session
Wednesday, February 6

Boulder High School Library
1604 Arapahoe Avenue in Boulder
Employees: 4 p.m.
Parents/Community members: 6 p.m.

Daytime Session
Thursday, February 7

BVSD Education Center
6500 E. Arapahoe Road in Boulder
All stakeholders: 10 a.m.

More information about the sessions is available at


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